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January 1, 2014

Save Money on Exercise Equipment: Cheap Bosu Ball

Save Money on Exercise Equipment

Cheap Bosu Ball

cheap bosu ball

Save Money on Exercise Equipment Tip: Get a Cheap Bosu Ball

If you want to Save Money on Exercise Equipment, then the recommendation I received was to buy equipment that you can do a lot of exercises with (full body type workouts), and that are relatively inexpensive. I think the BOSU is probably my favorite piece of equipment, you can literally do over 100 different exercises with it, and it only cost about $100. Stability balls, medicine balls, jump ropes, xdriffts, trx, etc, you can buy all of these combined for probably $500, so instead of spending thousands on big time heavy weight stuff why not get a cheap BOSU ball. With the money you save, you can also buy a couple of dumb bells and you are good to go.Continue reading