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Shelf Labeling of Gluten-Free Products

Reading Gluten free labels

– Katherine writes a weekly column about gluten-free information for MadameDeals.

I started looking at my grocery store quite differently after getting the diagnosis of Celiac disease about six months ago. Of course, as a new gluten-free consumer, there were two places in the grocery store that did not change much in terms of what I could eat: the produce department, and the meat department. But for the rest of the store —where were the gluten free products to be found? Many grocery stores put most of their gluten-free or specialty products together and then a few gluten-free products are distributed throughout the store as well. I believe that what I am seeing in the grocery stores I have visited recently is a move towards total integration of gluten-free products through the store, with shelf labels to make it easy to see where the gluten-free products are located as you walk down the aisle.Continue reading