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November 19, 2013

Celebrate National Caregiver Month

What is National Caregiver Month?

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That is the question that went thru my mind when I first heard about National Caregiver Month. I have been a caregiver for many years and have shared some of my story before. The reason people end up as caregivers are as varied as the ones they care for. Some people go into caregiving as a profession while others wake up one morning and find themselves caring for someone they love.

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I fall into the second category.. I married a seemingly healthy man who only a few years into our marriage was disabled in a car accident and during that time it was discovered he had a medical problem requiring brain surgery. I spent many nights asking God, “Why Me?” His answer was always the same, “Why NOT you!” I couldn’t argue with that and over time my role felt more natural.  I began to realize that I could choose to accept it or be miserable. I have chosen to accept it.That is not to say that I always do it with a smile on my face, some days it takes all I can to keep going. On those days I remind myself of my mom who cared for my grandparents and then my great uncle (who had no children.) She never complained and would rarely ask for help. I tried my best to help her out but I know that it wasn’t as much as she needed.

The reason is often times, people are hesitant to ask for help because they don’t feel they deserve it. Other times people do not realize that they are filling the role of a caregiver. This has can lead to drastic situations because new research from AARP shows that caregivers are more at risk for health problems and well being.

The average caregiver is a women between the ages of 40-60 but that doesn’t mean they are the only caregivers. In the United States there is an estimated 42 million caregivers. They are caring for family, friends and sometimes strangers.

AARP has teamed up with the Ad Council to raise awareness about caregivers and to thank them for all they do. They have created several resources to help caregivers find assistance and allow others to thank the caregivers in their life for everything they do.

I am asking that you take a minute to check out these resources and even if they don’t apply to you, pass them along to a caregiver you know.

Don’t forget to thank a National Caregiver for their hard work and dedication. 

 AARP and The Ad Council’s Caregiver Assistance Campaign


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August 6, 2013

My Journey as a Home Health Care Provider

 I am a Home Health Care Provider by Necessity


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When I was in high school, I had plans to go to nursing school but soon realized that I preferred the administrative side of things. I spent almost 10 years doing just that as a Medical Biller and Medical Office Administrator. I learned some medical skills including giving injections, assisting with in-office surgeries and processing laboratory work but I never thought I would be providing Home Health Care.

I do not provide Home Health Care as a job nor do I get paid, yet I have been doing it for the past 8 years. It is as much a part of my life as caring for my children (ages 9 and 14.) I did not start down this path by choice but out of necessity,following a major accident my husband was involved in. He suffered permanent injuries to his spine and suffers to this day.Continue reading

August 3, 2013

How to Become a Paid Caregiver

Caregiver Job Information


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Being a Caregiver is becoming second nature for couples in their 30s and 40s. Many households are now becoming multi-generational as couples are caring for their children and their aging parents. With the rising cost of daily living and healthcare, having mom or dad move in is the most logical option. Even if parents don’t move in, many couples are balancing the needs of their families with caring for their parents in their home.  This can be very rewarding but very stressful for those who work and have small children. With the demand for Home Caregivers  increasing , now is the time to consider a career as a Caregiver. Keep reading for all the answers to the top questions about becoming a Caregiver.

Where can a Caregiver Get a Job?

Caregivers are normally hired thru agencies or home care organizations. Go and search for available Caregiver Jobs.

What does a Caregiver Do?

There are many different types of caregivers but the job basically entails caring for the sick,elderly, disabled and injured. Caregivers can be hired privately or thru a person’s insurance (if it is covered.) A Caregiver is responsible to help their patient perform activities of daily living. These include showers, getting dressed, taking medication, changing dressings, grooming, feedings, etc. They also help patients get to doctor’s appointments, do routine errands, provide transportation and sometimes help around the house.

How much does a Caregiver Make?Continue reading