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August 26, 2012

Blogger Rates


 Blogger Rates

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Here is the truth I get paid to blog. I have to get paid because having a site is expensive. I have blogger rates. It takes a ton of time. I estimate this site takes about 150 + man hours a week. Yes, I have a staff. I have to pay them. How do I do it? I charge money. I can’t pay them and my bills with face cream, coupons for a free frozen meals, toys for my children, mouthwash, and more.

blogger rates

Blogger rates

How do you get paid. The first way to get paid is figure out what to charge. Then you need to actually prepare a media kit. I had mine done by Dawn you can find her at [email protected] You can check it out  of media kit  Madame-Deals-Media-Kit-2.

This is how you get paid. You get paid by selling your sidebars to sponsors. This is the equation I use for Blogger Rates. I take my top producing 320×250 ad and that is the rate someone receives if they want 320×250 worth of space on my site.  If they want a button size ad 125×125  on my site I charge them 1/4 of the 320×250 ad size. If they want a banner I charge the same rate as a 320×250. I sometimes give discounts if they pay for multiple months. I also tell people if they pay each month on time I will not change their rate as my site grows. You can charge more for above the fold (the fold is what you see before you scroll down). I offer several other options. I charge less if they pay in advance and buy 6 months or more in ad space. I also complete the deal by offering a post or shout out on social media for the customers that advertise on my site. You should NEVER change your price just add more value to your offer. If you change your prices then you lose credibility. I only change my price and give discounts for prepaying and for multiple month purchases. I only do this because it saves me time.Continue reading

June 24, 2012

ASK A Blogger: Picking a sponsor is like getting Married



It is conference season and I am sure we are all looking for sponsors. I am looking for a Sponsor for Madame Deals. I think I am looking for a sponsor. You see I haven’t decided. I feel like taking a sponsor is like getting married. The internet has the ability to connect you to a company for a lifetime. I feel like I am not just a “blog” but a brand. I need to be careful who I connect my brand with.

When someone contacts me to sponsor me which has happened several times. The first thing I do is google the company. I look up past events they have done. I research their product. I then evaluate the person that I am speaking with I search them on google and I search them on Linkedin. I am so careful about who I am “dating.”You know while you are dating someone you need to get to know them. You need to decide if the way they run their business is a good fit for yours.

I make sure the product fits with my brand. Is it something I would use? Is it something my readers or fellow bloggers would be interested in? Do I have a the need to form a relationship with this company?  Did i have a relationship with them in the past? If so what had been my experience in the past. If not who can I contact to find out what their experience has been. I mean if you were on a blind date you would find out about the person.

The next thing I look at is what is the offer? I have been offered a couple of sponsorships that would cost me money to take them. What the advertiser wanted was above and beyond what I was willing to do. I have a valuable resource in my brand and site and I do not need to make a quick buck that will cost me in the long run. I will not post about you over  a year and give you advertising space because it doesn’t add up for me. I instead suggest options that are in line with my current fees.

It sounds awesome when someone wants to write you a check for $1,000 or $2,000 but what do they want in return? What will it cost you in time and resources. I had someone offer me $500 and they wanted ad space. The ad space they wanted earns me more than that a month so why would I go to a conference and talk about them while losing money? I had another brand offer to sponsor me but I just didn’t believe in their product. I knew I would not do a good job for them so I turned down the opportunity. I only accept positions that I know I will do well. I want to be known as someone who does things 100% or not at all.

You have to have a plan at the conference. What is that you want to do? What is it you are willing to do for a sponsor? What is your time worth? What is the connection between your brand and theirs worth for the long term. If you take short term cash because someone gives it to you and you sell services or ad space in exchange for the sponsorship are you hurting yourself in the long term? If you want to go to conference create a budget and set aside money so you do not have to jump on an opportunity just because you do not have an option.

Will I take a sponsor? The answer is simple if  a company I want to work approaches me or I approach them and it makes dollars not cents than yes. If not then  If it doesn’t than I will take the write off and spend the event building my brand by promoting myself exclusively. If you take a sponsor it is like taking a spouse so RESEARCH them because you will forever be associated with their company and them.

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March 2, 2012

Blogger Tip 1: Questions to ask prior to selecting a Roomate

I want to say this is written in jest. These are random thoughts that ran through my mind.  They are not all actual events. I had wonderful women that I have had the pleasure to room with but I will have some better interview questions next time.

1) What time zone do you go to bed in and what time zone do you wake up in?

2) What is your method of perfume application? Discreet or arrive before you do?

3) How many extra drink tickets should you be allowed?

4) Should I  trust you to keep a room key?

5) How many bags of shoes do you intend to bring?

6) Do you know where the towel rack is?

7) Do you steal covers?

8) Do you snore?

9) Do you have 60 lb of swag after one day at the conference?

10) Do you bring every office supply tool and take over every flat surface in the room?

11) Are you cranky if you do not get sleep?

12) Do you sing in the shower?

13) Do you jump on the beds?

14) Do you tell people if they have food in their teeth?

15) Do you know tipping is not a city in China?

16) Do you know how to get back to the room without phoning a friend?

17) Do you know why the light on the phone blinks?

18) Do you blog at all hours?

19) Do you eat the food on your plate only or do you feel the need to taste mine?

20) Do you believe in brushing your teeth and taking a shower daily?