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Top Homemade Bath and Body Wash and Scrub Recipes

Must Try Homemade Bath and Body Wash Recipes

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Everyone is always showering or bathing and shopping for body washes can not only be confusing but expensive. Besides the price, the ingredients in most body washes will have you searching for a dictionary in order to find out what they are. Who wants to pay to cover your body with chemical?  Keep your body free of chemicals found in traditional “Store-Bought” Bath and Body Washes or Scrubs and save money. Create your own in minutes at home and save money while protecting your skin from damage.

Lavender Bath and Body Scrub

Relax your stress away with the soothing scent of lavender while you scrub away the dry skin to reveal a glowing you.

body scrub

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

This 4 ingredient scrub not only helps condition and moisturize your skin but also helps rid your body of toxins.

body scrub

Homemade Peppermint Body Wash

This invigorating body wash will wake you up while it moisturizes your skin.


Organic Alternative Body Wash

Skip the chemicals when you make this organic body wash which will also double as a shampoo.

organic body wash

Coconut Body Wash

Be transported to the tropics while you wash away the stress of the day with this delicious smelling body wash.


Herbal Body Wash

Take homemade body wash to the next level when you add in special herbs to produce this invigorating wash.

herbal body wash

Grapefruit and Milk Shampoo/Body Wash

This body wash hardens and can be turned into cute shapes perfect for the guest bathroom. Use it as a body wash and shampoo.

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Homemade Bath and Body Wash

Simple 3 ingredient body wash recipe will leave your pocket book full.

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Easy Bath and Body Wash

Moisturize your skin with body wash created from bar soap.

bath and body

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