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3 Lessons I Learned About Building Self Esteem as a Teacher of Special Education

Disclosure: I was provided $25 by our sponsor ALDI to purchase a backpack and school supplies. I was not compensated in any other way for this post.

3 Lessons I Learned About Building Self Esteem as a Teacher of Special Education

3 Lessons I Learned About Building Self Esteem as a Teacher of Special Education

The hallways echo with noise of laughter and groans. News of what is hot and what isn’t. Who is with her and who likes him? What happened over the summer and what didn’t. The desks are settled in straight lines facing the black board that had seen many years of use. There are 3 rows of 4 desks some that could use repair but scrubbed and disinfected over and over again in anticipation of the person who would fill them. The smell of the lemon floor cleaner mixed with that strong window cleaner penetrates my nose.Continue reading

August 23, 2015

Grammarly review

Grammarly review

grammarly review

I want to level with you and give you some real advice. The difference between a promotion and your current job is your ability to communicate in writing. The difference between a good student and an exceptional student is how they convey meaning in writing. I have always struggled with my writing. I am dyslexic, and grammar rules confuse me and I can’t get a handle on it. I needed help, so I decided to do a Grammarly review. I was smart enough to find a FREE tool that checks my grammar. That is correct it is free, and it checks your grammar.Continue reading

October 18, 2012

Cooking with Children with Disabilities using Chef Boyardee

I think cooking with kids is awesome! I think working with kids with special needs is inspiring. I created a lesson to use with children with special needs. You can find some awesome recipes using Chef Boyardee Products . 

I believe that with the proper instruction every child can be taught to help in the kitchen.  I will provide you with an example of how I would teach making Chef Boyardee’s Mac & Cheese to my children. Cooking is an amazing way to teach necessary life skills and academic skills. The skills you will learning following a recipe are: Reading left to right, identification of cooking equipment and purpose, following directions, processing verbal and non verbal cues, ordering and sequencing of events.Chef boyardee pasta

Continue reading

November 14, 2010

Ask a wife of a Frugal Guy

So the truth is my husband is the frugal one. This has always been the case. I am only frugal so I can buy other things that we couldn’t afford if I paid full price for our groceries. I spent all Thursday trying to find my husband who spent all day going from one company to the next taking advantage of all the Veteran’s Day Specials. This is his favorite holiday of the year. I figured he earned the sandwich at Subway, coffee and Dunkin Doughnuts, Onion from Outback, Free car wash from Clean Machine and he even won coupons for free clothes. I have to say I am amazed at all he accomplished in the spirit of free. He did start his day early so he could also work his full shift and go to the gym. I did have to convince him that going to Applebees for a free meals was not in the cards. I wanted to thank all the business that support the military. I know that freedom isn’t free and I am glad that the men and women who served our country felt appreciated.

September 19, 2010

Ask A Party Planner: How do you throw a kids party on a budget?

invite for the party

It is that time again my children are having their birthdays. This is one of those times when I spend money. I coupon shop so I can spend money on the “things” that are important to me. The one thing that is most important to me is making memories with my family. We always have a big party for the kids so we can invite everyone important to the kids and our family. It is unfortunate that our families do not live closer so our friends are like family to us.

I try my best to have a budget and I do. I can usually do this party for about $8 a person which includes venue, lunch, crafts, and cake.  I just bought 100 invites from Vista Print they were less than $20.00 shipped priority. We are not inviting 100 people but the picture on the front will be given to people who can’t come.

  • The first thing I do to save money is combine my son’s and daughter’s birthday party. The venue is big enough and I will do one age appropriate craft for each child’s friends.
  • Crafts will serve as the children’s take home gift instead of goody bags. Goody bags are expensive and I would rather spend my money on the event then the take home gifts.
  • I always shop ahead since we do a Halloween themed party every year.  I hit the store the day after Halloween and I buy the paper goods and additional decorations.
  • Then I buy something fun each year to add to my party theme.
  • Another tip I have is to borrow decorations from  friends.
  • I also had all our family buy the children a bounce house as their gift last year so we can have it for their party.
  • I suggest planning variations of the same party each year helps to control expenses.
  • I know what kind of food to buy and how much approximately I will need so I talk to the owner at Ashland Grill, Skip and we work out a number. He is wonderful and his lasagna is the best ever!  I can’t wait!
  • Finally, we also save money by not buying our children presents.  We explain their gift is their party.

I have my coupons ready so I can put my money where it belongs towards the family instead of paying full price for diapers, wipes, yogurt… etc. I have to say my Madame Deals coupon solution and a little work allow me to make a memory my children will not forget and frankly, that is all the motivation I need to clip towards our big party.

How do you save money while building memories?

August 22, 2010

Ask an Employee/ Employer: Can you work with a friend?

I think one question that is asked more than any other is “How do you work with a friend?” I actually think it has its benefits and hardships. I am going to go over the hardships first. There is a lot more at stake if it doesn’t work out. You could end up finding your friend is a great friend but horrible co-worker.  You could find out that your friend isn’t really a friend. The worst is you could lose a friend over work.

You have to set real boundaries and be up front in your expectations. You have to know what you are good at and what they are good at and support each other. You have to be honest no matter how hard it is and resolve issues before they become problems.

I actually work with friends in my virtual job and obviously with Renae, here at Madame Deals. I am smarter than I look- I always pick people in my life who enable me to do more. The ladies I work with are my best friends. I consider myself very lucky to work with such smart, strong, and dedicated ladies. I also know that they will help me grow as an individual, employee/ employer, and friend.

I think a great tip to making sure this friend/ co-worker idea works is to try it out. When you have your friends as co-workers have them work for someone else first prior to moving them over to your department. I also had my friend interviewed by my boss to make sure that she fit what the company needed. She also took a job initially at a “beginner level” because it fit her needs and she wasn’t ready to be more committed to work.  I didn’t have any doubts about my friend but I wanted to make sure she really wanted to work prior to doing a job share. I didn’t want her to accept a job because I wanted her to work with me but rather because it fit into her vision of what she wanted for herself. I know we both put family first so we are working out our schedule so we can be successful wives, moms, and career women.

It is very important to have both a working relationship and a normal friendship. Renae and I talk work but we also leave work behind and just hang out. It usually involves food or food shopping but we do not have our laptops without us so that counts right? My friend at my virtual job and I leave work at work by spending time with our families. I truly think working with friends can work you just have to find the right friend. I would never hire or recommend a friend that I wouldn’t be proud to have associated with me. I really like when the people at my office say, “Where did you find her?” and they mean it in a good way. You all know how lucky I am to have Renae in my life. She has taught me much more than “making dollars out of change.”