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How to make money blogging

How to make money blogging

make money blogging

The five biggest mistakes a blogger make are easy to spot if you actually make money blogging. I was surprised to find out that most bloggers do not get paid. I know shocking considering how hard it actually is.I decided to help people make money blogging by writing about how to make money blogging. I know people think you just write something and boom your email box fills with offers and money. The truth is it doesn’t you have to fill your email box through intelligence, hard work, and strategies. I would also like to add that 75% of the blogs I visit daily are full of crap. I wrote it crap. That means offers, giveaways, and spam. Do you have real content on your site? Are you speaking to your readers? If I came to your site today on the first page of your site is there evergreen content. If the answer is no then you need to write some. You can’t make money blogging if you do not have a point a view a purpose and something interesting to share. That means if you aren’t grabbing the attention of readers than you aren’t going to attract income.

How do you increase your income in 30 days? You need to get real about what you are doing and hold yourself accountable. Do you have measurable goals?

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February 5, 2012

Ask A Blogger: What do you put in your bag for a conference

Blogging packing list

Packing List for a Blogger

I thought I would share what I bring to a conference to help you pack. I know it is hard to get it all together so I figured I would show what I have in my bag. I think it is important to be prepared for almost anything. Once you have your bag packed you can get everything else you need to organized to be effective at the conference.


  1. Business cards
  2. Schedule for the conference
  3. Hotel reservations
  4. Airplane reservations
  5. important numbers


  1. Ipad2
  2. Ipad cord
  3. Ipad picture downloader
  4. Ipad cleaning clothe
  5. Extension cord
  6. Durcacell Rechargable instant battery
  7. Iphone
  8. Blue tooth/ plug to charge the blue tooth
  9. ear buds
  10. USB drive to save anything I need

Stationary items

  1. notebook
  2. pen
  3. marker
  4. highlighter
  5. tape
  6. scissors
  7. post it notes
  8. calculator
  9. note cards for a quick thank you note
  10. fancy pens to write the thank you note
Fashionable Accessories
  1. bag to carry the swag with my logo
  2. head band and pony tail holder
  3. small purse to hold credit cards money and room key
  4. a check just in case
  5. lip stick with a mirror on it and gloss
  6. tissues
  7. wet wipes
  8. zantac
  9. ibuprofen
  10. hand santizer
  11. mouth wash
  12. brush ups
  13. floss on a stick
  14. stress point lotion
  15. hand lotion
  16. tide on the go
  17. ballet flats
  18. light sweater that is easy to fold
  19. extra tights just in case
  20. snacks
  21. $1.00 in coins for a soda if needed
In my hotel room I will have:
  1. Mac computer
  2. Neat Receipts portable scanner to log in all my new business cards


Ask a blogger: Share your secrets


   I have had been blogging since April 2009 at Madame Deals. I decided in December I was going to take my blog from a hobby to a business. I knew I had to make a business plan. I had to set goals. I had to come up with strategies to manage it all. I also know the website would be a part of my life but not my life. It is easy to get caught up in making sure everything you see gets posted and every deal appears on your site. If you a careful you will neglect your “real” life and family. The only way to avoid this to make a schedule. You also have to be selective as to watch you are going to write about and develop a methodology for doing so. I decided I would share some of my tips with you.

Here are five great tips to make you a super star blogger

1) When you receive a pitch and you have decided you are going to do the review
      a) Put it on your calendar when it is due
      b) Put a reminder in your calendar to actually do it
      c) Create a post template by copying and pasting the requirements found in the email in your post
      d) Set the template to the date it needs to be posted and then use a year that is one year greater than the year your are in so                you can easily find it
      e) Place in the email address from which it came so you can send the link to the company easily

f) Create a google doc and place in the contact name and email and payment information and the products they represent in case you nee dot pitch them in the future. It is great to say I loved working with you on such and such.

2) Use a calendar and create a schedule. On your calendar should be your post schedule and your product review schedule.

3) I believe you need to educate yourself. You need to spend at least 15 minutes a day learning something new to grow your business. I pick a new topic each week to learn.

4) Once you learn your new item. You need to implement your idea. If you just read or see something new you will not remember it unless you actually use it.

5) Tip is do not put all your efforts on one area. You need to grow your business every week. I pick a different place each week to expand my reach and create new readers.
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