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Easy Apple Cupcakes Recipe

Easy Cupcake Recipe Apple Cupcakes

easy apple cupcakes

I am busy mom who is often pressed for time but I love to bake. Many times I don’t have the extra time needed to make my desserts from scratch. I often resort to box cake mixes and canned frosting to throw together a quick cake or batch of cupcakes. Just the other day I was expecting 15+ guests for a volunteer meeting and did not want to put out the old stand buy but time was of the essence. I put my thinking hat on and spent a few minutes searching Pinterest and came up with this Easy Cupcake Recipe for Apple Cupcakes. The best thing was I didn’t have to run to the store for any ingredients because I had everything I needed. The time needed to prepare these was only a few more minutes than preparing the box mix. So don’t serve the same old cake or cupcakes again spice things up with this Easy Cupcake Recipe. 

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