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April 17, 2013

Alpha Xi Delta

Alpha Xi Delta


So who is this Madame Deals Chick? I bet you are wondering. It is funny I kind of look like my graphic but long before I was Madame Deals I was a sister of Alpha Xi Delta. I would love to have breakfast at Tiffany’s in fact I would love to have breakfast anywhere. I love breakfast. I decided it would be fun each week to share something about my past, present and what I hope for the future. I am someone who shares for a living right? I share deals and saving tips.  What I have gotten away from was sharing my personal story. I was given feedback that they missed the “me” in Madame Deals so be careful what you wish for I am a quite talkative. I thought I would share my sorority rush story in honor of our founder’s day. I can proudly say I am an Alpha Xi Delta. I am proud of my fraternity’s heritage.

Alpha xi delta


I chose to attend the University of Florida because I fell in love with football stadium and there was this academic scholarship that cemented my decision. I decided after a summer of fun that I would rush. I figured out that in order to be involved in my campus that the Greek system was the way to go. I also figured out they had houses and a cook.  I may be a lot of things but even back then I realized that two hot meals a day for a couple hundred dollars a month was well worth it.


I started rush and I could tell that I had no idea what I was doing. I am not boastful about material things and it honestly seemed like rush was a time to figure out what my parents were worth. They wanted to know all sorts of stuff that was frankly tacky to ask. I soon figured out I was being judged for everything from my GPA to my shoe color. I was frankly over it. I do not act that way nor would I want to be part of a place where superficial judgment reigned supreme. I was on my final house of the day and I was tired of being offered water and mints.


I was placed with this tiny and spunky blonde who was known around the house as “Murch”. She was chatty and funny and didn’t ask me any questions. She spent the entire time telling me about the girls in the house.  Then I was bumped to this girl Liza who I would describe as the best memory you have of a teacher ever. She was warm and witty and her sense of humor was so welcomed that I didn’t even notice it was time for the girls to talk. I scanned the room there we girls of all shapes and sizes. They didn’t match. They couldn’t stop looking at one another and smiling. It looked like a family picture instead of a staged picture. They did their intros and then we had to leave.

Liza is all the way in the back in the middle


I remember getting my bids back for the second round. That house was on my card along with a couple others that I liked and a couple that frankly I wouldn’t go there if they paid me.  I walked into the house during the second round and “Murch” almost ran over some girl who was also rushing to say, “Hi” and Liza wasn’t far behind. This is remarkable considering that I was one of thousands to pass through the house. I guess they must have liked me.


My little sister and Sharon Writer on Madame Deals and Mary

I continued to rush for the rest of the day and soon forgot about that house with the nice girls. I became overwhelmed with memories of the mean girls in high school. I never experienced anyone being rude or snotty really so rush was a bit eye opening for me. I went home after round two and I was told that my grandfather had passed away. I dropped out of rush. It wasn’t for me at that point in time. I couldn’t imagine dealing with all the hoopla.


I will do my best to remember the time line but soon after my grandfather passed I received a call from Liza. She asked what happened and I told her why I dropped out of rush. I am pretty sure within 24 hours there were girls in my dorm room with cards and flowers. I wasn’t sure what to make of people that met you twice but had big enough hearts to drop everything and talk to you. I mean they really didn’t know me. They invited me to hang out. I politely declined because I wasn’t in the hanging out mood. Then they began to call and chat to check on me.


Jennifer my Big Sister

It took me awhile to get over the ridiculousness of rush. I was asked if I would pledge Alpha Xi Delta I agreed to give it a try. I have to say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was the difference in me going to college and really experiencing college. I had the opportunity in college to do things that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t joined. I have more than a network of friends I have a group of sisters. We see one another each year and honestly there isn’t anyone in that was in my sorority house that I wouldn’t welcome to my home now. I know that no matter where I go or where I have been they are there. I believe that being an Alpha Xi Delta is a gift I give myself everyday it was a choice I made without regret it was the beginning of a lifetime of memories. Happy Birthday Alpha Xi Delta!

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