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March 16, 2016

David vs. The Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review Day 24 and Beyond

David vs. The Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review Day 24 and Beyond

The Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review Day 24 and Beyond

I have finished my Advocare 24 day challenge and I am going to continue working to eat healthier and lose weight. I lost a total of 20 pounds and 17.75 inches overall. I can see a big difference in my face and hands. I really didn’t think my hands would feel smaller. I am putting my belt on two notches smaller and my pants are getting to be too big. At work I have had lots of people remark on the weight loss so I know others are seeing it also.Continue reading

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Meal Ideas – Lisa’s Challenge Day 14

Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Lisa Advocare Challenge Day 14 Update

As of today I have lost 5 pounds and 3.5 overall inches. I have learned that the Fiber drink is good if you mix it with your spark in the morning. I used the orange flavor and it taste like a powder mix orange juice. I have tried the chocolate, berry, and chocolate peanut butter shakes. I did not like the chocolate peanut butter and the berry was ok. My favorite is the chocolate. There are a lot of pills to remember to take at different times of the days. I set my phone to remind me at work so I don’t forget to take them.Continue reading

Does Advocare 24 Day Challenge Work? – Lisa’s Challenge

Does Advocare 24 Day Challenge Work?

Does Advocare 24 Day Challenge Work?

When you talk about Advocare the first question that you’ll think of is “Does Advocare 24 Day Challenge Work?” So we’re featuring Advocare 24 Day Challenge reviews from actual users.

Lisa’s Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review for Days 1 – 5

Advocare 24 day challenge

I am a 40 year old mom with three kids and I have been married for 13 years. I decided to do the Advocare 24 day challenge for two reasons. The first reason was for my husband. He needs to lose weight. I want him around forever and in order for that to happen he needs to lead a healthier lifestyle. The second reason was for me. I have always been an active person I like to take dance, aerobics, and kickboxing classes. After having two kids losing weight and staying in shape has been more difficult for me. After my second child it took me two years to lose the pregnancy weight and I kept it off for 4 years. About 1 ½ years ago I just started packing on weight, I’m still not sure why. I really watched what I ate and exercised regularly. My Dr. said welcome to 40!! Then I had a rotator cuff injury and I was out for six months with physical therapy so of course I put on more weight. This summer/fall I was able to lose 20 pounds but the last 15 are being more stubborn. Several friends told me how they lost weight using Advocare and I decided to try it.Continue reading

May 1, 2015

Barbara’s Advocare 24 day Challenge

Advocare 24 day Challenge


Barbara’s Advocare 24 day Challenge

I started the Advocare 24 day Challenge on February 16, 2015. After seeing my good friend Karla have great success, I decided to give it a try. I was stuck on a plateau, and feeling sluggish. I walked 3-4 days a week, but was not having much in the way of weight loss. I thought the Advocare would be a great jump start to eating healthy and getting more active. It was exciting getting my products, supplements and powered drinks. I am an organized person by nature and having everything planned out was a great tool for me. My Advocare products took center stage on my kitchen counter, and I looked forward to each morning. The first weeks on the program I saw great results. I lost 7 pounds in 10 days. I had increased energy, I was no longer snacking in between meals and I just felt better. I really enjoyed the Spark Energy drink. The lemon was my favorite!! It was delicious with ice and blended in the blender for a few minutes. The Spark drinks really helped with the mid-morning hunger. By the end of the 24 Day Challenge, I had lost a total of 11 pounds!!


The Advocare program was just what I need to get healthy and eat right. I would highly recommend the Advocare 24 Day Challenge to anyone looking to get healthy and become more active. With the right person at your side encouraging you, and giving you support, you to can be successful. Advocare is not just a diet plan it’s a life plan. It gives you the tools to change the way you look at dieting. I would recommend the program and will continue this new weight loss journey.

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Start with ADVOCARE now!

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Don’t forget to get our Advocare printables for the 24 day challenge.

advocare 24 day challenge

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Diane’s Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Advocare 24 Day Challenge


bphoto 1

Advocare Weight Loss

I am so excited to be doing this 24 day challenge! In truth, I’ve done the challenge before and had good results. But I didn’t make a lifestyle change. And folks, you have to commit to making a lifestyle change or the results will only be temporary. Trust me!

So who am I… I am an assistant principal of a K-8 school. I have four boys. And all my boys are involved in extracurricular activities causing a ridiculously busy schedule. And that’s been part of my excuse. I don’t like to cook so when we’re out at the kids’ events it’s always so easy to grab some fast food.

I signed on as an Advocare distributor the last time I did the challenge a few years back. And it made for a nice discount. I never sold the product I just used the distributor number to get discounted product. But that was years ago and many pounds since.

My school started a Biggest Loser challenge and I signed up figuring it’d help me kick it into gear. When I did my first weigh-in, my heart sank. I was 199.8 pounds. I was crushed. I have never been so heavy. I used to be a petite 120-130. I knew I was overweight but never stepped on a scale because I knew it’d be too heavy for me. So when I did that first weigh- in, I felt broken. So I made some changes. I started eating better and cutting some things out but I still wasn’t all in. I’d cheat and eat things just because they were around. I’d stop off and pick up a cookie or a smoothie because I had a craving.

At the one month weigh-in, I was down 4.4 pounds. I thought not too bad considering I didn’t stay on track. But inside I knew I could and should do better. So when Madame Deals issued the chance to do a 24 day challenge and write about it, I jumped on the chance!

Why you ask? Why now? What difference would that make now? Well, because if I have to write about and share my results then I’ll stick with it. Advocare is a great product and if I’m using it then I’ll stick to it. I found an Advocare 24 day challenge manual that lays it all out. Everything from what to take, when to take it, what to eat, and what to avoid.

So I know this will be my recipe for success. A good product, a how-to manual, a supportive Advocare coach, and the commitment to stay true to Madame Deals blog.

Advocare 24 Day Challnege Review: After the Advocare cleanse phase

I finished the cleanse phase and I’m down 5.6 pounds and 6 inches. 🙂

During the cleanse phase, I stuck with meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch. I figured it’d be the easiest way to keep on track instead of trying to pack lunches that I’d forget to take to work. I took Catalyst for my snacks in between meals. Since it was the cleanse phase, I was able to eat fruit with my Catalyst. I chose to use the Catalyst because I wanted to amp up my Advocare plan.

Unfortunately, I did not make it to the gym at all during my first ten days. I believe my results would have been much better had I gone to the gym. Now that I’m in the Max phase, I will make sure I go to the gym on my burn days. Or if I don’t make it to the gym, I’ll at least walk or run.

I’m going to continue with the meal replacement shakes to make sure I’m getting the nutrition needed at each meal. I like the taste of the shakes. I’ve used the strawberry and vanilla ones. For the strawberry ones, I’ve occasionally added the no-sugar fat free Jello cheesecake mix 2 scoops to make it like Strawberry Cheesecake. For the vanilla shake, I’ve added the Oreo Jello to mix it up a bit. The shakes are good without the mix ins but since I’m having 2 shakes a day I just wanted some variety.

What I always hear is the hardest part of the cleanse phase is the fiber drink. I didn’t mind it so much. You just have to make sure you use at least 10 oz of water. If it’s still too thick for you, just add a little more water. I know some people that have mixed it with orange juice.

Day 20 already! I can’t believe my Advocare 24 day challenge is almost past. I got on the scale this morning and was a little disappointed because my weight has remained the same from day 10. My inches lost has gone from down 6 to down 10 inches, so I’m excited about that.

When I took the updated pictures, I didn’t see much change from the front but I feel like I see a difference in the back view. So I’ll just have to walk backwards for a while! 😉

I wake up easier each morning and feel more rested. I think eating better and taking the Advocare supplements has helped me sleep better and has helped me be more productive during the day. I like having the energy to make it through the day now as opposed to the sluggish trudge I felt before. Love, love, love SPARK!

As I think about my last 4 days of the challenge, I’m hoping for continued results. The 24 day challenge is only the beginning of my journey.

After the  Advocare 24 Day Challenge


As I move forward from the 24 day challenge, I’m hoping to have continued results. Even if I didn’t see the scale move as much as I would like, I know I’m making choices that’ll lead to a happier, healthier me. And I know the change in choices will help me get the changes on the scale.

I know it took more than 24 days to put on the weight so I know it’ll take more than 24 days for it to go. It’s been all about making a lifestyle change and I’m well on my way.

I’m taking away a renewed focus on better health. I needed to kick start my weight loss after letting life get in the way. The challenge has put my body on a schedule that I plan on keeping. Instincts know when it’s time for a snack or it’s time for a meal. I had lost that. I’d go hours without eating and then overindulge and eat in excess. Or I’d graze. I’d nibble on whatever was around whether it was candy, snacks, or food.

Now I’ve passed over snacks and candy. I don’t feel inclined to eat just because it’s there. I don’t feel compelled to keep eating because the food is there. My triggers go off when I’m full. I haven’t been overeating like I was before.

My advice to anyone considering the challenge is to take the leap. Commit to yourself and commit to following the challenge and you’ll get results.

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advocare 24 day

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Topic: Advocare 24 Day Challenge

April 1, 2014

Loretta Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Advocare Weight Loss

Check out Loretta’s Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review

DAY 1: It is hard to get into a program with out doubts if it is going to work for you or keep you motivated throughout the challenge. At 50 I have found that program with a great support team of sisters that are reaching for the same goal by improving our health inside and out. The key for success in the program for me was by organizing my day into day bags so that I could grab and go. My 1st. was a success

Day 2 was a success with Advocare 24 Day Challenge!
The only thing that I have to change tonight is when I take my herbal cleanse supplement, I will need to cut them in half since I am not a pill taker.

Day 2 fiber drink. Is yummy with orange juice that has 50 percent less sugar! yummy

My workout on Day 3:
Clean and shampoo all the carpets in the rooms and deep clean my hardwood floor.
Where did all this burst of energy come from ladies?
I felt like if I am spring cleaning my body and getting ready for the summer then I also need to clean my surroundings. Tomorrow on my job we will start spring cleaning at UVA since the students are on spring break.

Day 7
Today as I sit back an relax as I travel down the road to Virginia Tech with my son at his age cut state swim meet, I have my grab and go bag pack. As I got on the scale this morning with my friend the scale watching and cheering on my progress of dropping 3lbs. Yeah for the new me keeping up with my 24 day challenge and being a full time wife. mother, worker and a swim taxi mom. I am not looking back but forward at the new me that has put herself on hold for 10 years.

I am on day 9, still feeling awesome and sticking with the plan.
Even though I had a very busy weekend with travelling with my son to his state meet for swimming, I was still able to stay focus by following Advocare 24 day challenge. Having my 3 meals away from home was not hard because I was determine not to fall off the horse. Eating out made me more aware of my goal that I have set for myself. And that is to eat healthy and to become healthier. Once you are prepared mentally to do something, then you can walk away from temptation without any regrets. Thanks Advocare for getting me through this busy weekend. Yeah for me!


The first picture when I’m in the plaid is the before, the picture when I’m in the jacket is after 12 days.

Day 12
I feel healthy and more importantly, I look healthy. At first, it was a bit difficult because I wasn’t used to eating portions and having to eat certain things. But as the days went on, it became easier and it doesn’t even phase me anymore. I’m really excited to continue my weight loss journey with the assistance of Advocare.


This was my out standing lunch today!
Grilled salmon, steam greens, strawberries. And of course H2O!

Loretta is married with 4 children. Educated at Morris College with a degree in Political Science, History, and Pre-Law. Employed at Aramark. I am a swim mom. I like to attend sporting events. I donate my time to many volunteering opportunities.

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If you want to try Sell AdvoCare to earn a little extra money. You can sign up here . You can also email Amee at [email protected]mail.com subject Advocare.