June 8, 2013

Summer Saving Tips: Doing Kids Haircut

Summer Saving Tips

Saving Tips

Summer is a great time to learn to cut your child or children’s hair. If your learning curve is wide and slow then the children are not as likely to be teased due to the lack of school! Also, cutting boys’ hair is easier in the summer because generally speaking it is cooler to have shorter “buzzed” type cuts! Girls haircuts can easily be disguised as long as it fits into a ponytail!. One tool that we have found to be wonderful for a boy’s basic haircut is a set of clippers. We have had a few different ones over the past 15 years. One even caught the “clippings” so you didn’t have to vacuum after the haircut. While this was nice it was an unnecessary perk. At times, it did require stopping and emptying the bin. There are specific tops for each length of hair as well as over the ears. Once you select the top for the length of hair you want to keep then you comb through the hair. It is an almost fool proof method for cutting boys hair!

saving tips
Scared to cut all the hair? Start simply by trimming over the ears and along the neckline for boys or trimming bangs for girls. Follow the “pattern” from the last haircut. Trimming those couple of areas will almost double the time in between needed haircuts thus cutting your haircut costs in half!

saving tipssaving tips


Thanks to Rachel Case for sharing this summer saving tips!

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