May 28, 2017

10 Summer Activities for Kids that Fight Boredom

10 Summer Activities for Kids that Fight Boredom

You have a schedule. You are used the kids going to school. I mean your life was full enough. Now you have the responsibility to keep the kids active, happy, and create the summer of their dreams. You need tricks or a magic wand or both. You need Fun Summer Activities for Kids that will Fight Boredom and you needed the yesterday.

These are some fun activities for kids at home.

10 Summer Activities for Kids that Fight Boredom

The first is have a way that the children can find things to do when they are “bored”. We have a jar that offers ideas for things to do that do not involve bothering one another or arguing.

summer activities to fight boredom

Activities for Kids that Fight Boredom  using our boredom jar.

The second thing you need to do is print out the list of 100 things you can do over the summer. Once you have printed out this list then you can sit with the children and have them pick a few that they wish to accomplish. I call this goal setting.

100 things to do this summer

Once you have set your goals you are ready for the next step. I call this the negotiation. You will need a contract. I know yikes! This is the time to determine what the rules are for the summer. We all know with every contract there has to be something in it for both parties.  What are their goals for the summer? You would be surprised my oldest wanted to learn to cook. The youngest wanted to work on math and stuff. The middle one wanted to make DIY makeup and beauty products. If you know my daughter, that isn’t a surprise. It does, however, lend itself to reading directions, following a process, and working with math to determine cost. The first step of fight boredom is figuring out what keeps them happy.

The fourth step on how to fight boredom is to plan for your best summer. We tell you how to do just that in the how to plan the best summer post. You would be surprised how much planning can teach children. You also get the buy in if they help to plan.

The next thing to do is to figure out your operating budget. Yes, you will need a budget even if you plan to do summer fun activities at home. I have two budgets, one for what I will spend and one is an allowance for what my children can earn and spend at their discretion. We were wildly successful with this and we called it the summer saving envelope project.  I found that my kids loved making money, saving it and spending it!

The fifth way we created memories and combated summer boredom was to come up with free family date ideas. We created our own restaurant at home and even planned a menu, seating, decor, and cooked together.

The sixth way is to hit the paper and the internet to look for free summer activities for kids! We found a lot at our local library in our community. I also ask around because some parents just know what is going on.

The seventh way to combat boredom at home this summer is to find things that you are already doing and involve your children. This is the best way to learn this summer. I have had my kids address lets, write checks, mail out bills, research the best prices for products and services. I have even let them keep the difference in price if they can find an item cheaper.

The 8th way is to get them self-directed activities. We love the Summer Bridge Activities. They are excellent supplements to what they learned. You can take them anywhere. We do 15- 30 minutes a day in those books. Then I have my kids check one another. I do the final check. I find that the youngest learns new information and the oldest learns more because he explains what he had to do with the younger kids. It is a win- win. They have workbooks for everyone to improve their skills and learn some that they may not have mastered in school.

The ninth way to keep your kids busy is to send them outside. I know gasp. Children need to play. They need to play outside. It is important that they get exercise. I give mine a bucket and shovel. They dig up worms and then walk to fish. They play basketball, soccer, jump rope, ride bikes, play tag, create forts, and run races. You can challenge them to make up their own games! These are great ideas for summer outside toys.

The last way is to involve your kids in the kitchen. I can’t tell you how much my kids enjoy cooking. We have so many recipes that kids can make. This will not only keep them busy but help to reduce the stress of you doing it all. I have my kids cooking everything from eggs in the microwave to chicken wings in the oven. I find that having my oldest produce things out of the box is a great way to help him read for meaning. The younger kids also enjoy making things from the box or using my cookbook. They take great pride in what they have made. I enjoy watching them learn, not cooking, and eating!

I have found that listing activities and allowing children to manage their time is also helpful. This is a daily chore list for my children so you can get an idea of what we do.

This is my chore list for my kids today

1) Do one load of laundry including folding and putting it away
2) Clean your bathroom sink, Vacuum the playroom
3) Make beds
4) Clean room
5) Clean up after yourself including toys and after meals
6) Walk the dog
7) Chore of your choice

15 minutes of Spanish on the iPad or youtube

30 minutes of your summer workbook

15 minutes of math facts use your flash cards to play war. Flip the card and the person that calls out the answer first wins the round.

15 minutes of Spanish on the iPad or youtube

30 minutes of your summer workbook

15 minutes of math facts use your flash cards to play war. Flip the card and the person that calls out the answer first wins the round.

30 minutes of silent reading (mom will participate)

Reward $2 each (to be placed in summer fun money envelope)
1 hour with mom board games, basketball, baking, or the libarary.

These are my 10 Summer Activities for Kids that Fight Boredom.

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Summer Bridge Activities®

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