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October 29, 2015

How to Become a Successful Business Woman

How to Become a Successful Business Woman

5 Habits of a Successful Female Entrepreneur

I have had a lot of people ask me how to be a successful business woman. It’s hard to balance being mom, wife, and business owner and then throw in the teacher, school board member, soccer mom, friend, cook, baker, plans maker, and the list goes on. Do I think it is harder for women to be successful? The answer is two-fold, but I do believe it is more difficult to be successful as a female. I still believe stereotypes exist. I also know that women have more on their plate. When I go to leave on a business trip, I need the help of my friends. I have to pay people to help with all that I do for my family whereas my husband just packs a suitcase and goes. He doesn’t worry about the children’s schedule, their meals, their activities, and he doesn’t worry about running the house.

How to become a successful business woman

1) Make sure to study – I spend 25% of my time weekly studying. It is my job to market products, and services because brands pay to be on my websites. I need the following things to be successful, an authentic message, great photography, and traffic on my site so people will read my work. I take courses on all of the above, if you see me, I am usually watching a webinar, listening to a podcast, or looking at what others are doing. When I take on a project, I search to see what other people have done, and I do something more innovative. I want to be hired again. I use and The Great Courses.

2) Have a strong work ethic. This is something I see that is often lacking. You need to make time for your career. Ask questions, find answers, but do not give up until the job has come to fruition.

3) Act professionally. That means do not do things that could be seen as unprofessional. Do not gossip, complain, or get emotional. I would also like to add dress nicely. You should never look like you are heading to the grocery store when you’re at a business conference. I do not care if they say casual you should wear a nice top and pants. I have never hired nor will I hire someone in a T-shirt and jeans and their boobs spilling out when they’re applying for a job representing my brand. That means if you are doing anything associated with your brand consider how you look before posting.

4) Build relationships. I do my research before meeting people. I figure out what we have in common so I can gain acceptance. I also look for ways we can work together. I believe in the value of creating relationships.

5) Be authentic and memorable. There is a sea of people competing for your job. I always wear red lipstick; it is my trademark, same as dressing professionally. You will never see me in my soccer mom gear at a business event. I dress well because I believe when a brand or company hires you they first look at your appearance before your body of work. It, unfortunately, doesn’t matter how impressive you are on the web or paper if you show up looking like you wrestled with your shirt for 45 minutes to get it on. I also suggest having your elevator pitch ready. I tell people the truth. I rebranded because I like to give people truthful advice on everything from finance, fashion, food, friendship, and fun. I believe that you are your brand, and it is a full-time job.

Watch my video below:

How to become a successful business woman

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