May 21, 2016

Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada Kids Party Drinks

Summer is here! To me, nothing says summer like enjoying the weather outside, cook outs, and a cold drink. 

While Mommy and Daddy like their drinks, sometimes, it is fun to have a drink the whole family can enjoy.  Especially during all of your summer cookouts. A couple of our favorite kid friendly drinks are Strawberry Daiquiris and Pina Coladas.  

Why Kid Friendly Drinks?

I’ve caught my kids a few times eyeing up those “special drinks” and you can tell they are wondering what they taste like. Kid friendly versions can let them in on the fun too!

Having kid friendly special drinks, especially during summer parties makes the kids feel like they are apart of the action and not sitting and watching from the sidelines.

What do I need?

Frozen Daiquiri mix

Frozen Pina Colada Mix

Frozen strawberries

Ice cubes



Fancy Glasses

Where do I find mixes?

We found our mixes at walmart in the frozen juice section.

 How do you make it?

These are so simple to make!

Just pour the thawed mixture into the blender and add your ice.

Blend until smooth.

If the mixture seems too thin add more ice. If it seems too thick, add small amounts of water and blend until the mixture is at your desired consistency.

We chose to add real strawberries to our Strawberry Daiquiri while blending to enhance the flavor but, that is optional.

Pour in a fancy glass, garnish with strawberry slices and enjoy!

Here are some other fancy kid friendly drinks to try too!

Kids Cranberry Mocktail:

Grinch Punch:

Kid Friendly Champagne Fruit Punch:

Cotton Candy Mocktail:

Lemonade Mocktail:

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Stephanie Shields