August 14, 2015

Stonewall Kitchen Review

Disclaimer: I participated in the Mom Blog Tour at the Summer Fancy Food Show on behalf of Wendy’s Bloggers and received Stonewall Kitchen products to facilitate my review.


Stonewall Kitchen Review

Stonewall Kitchen Review

Do you struggle with cooking? Did you know that I hate to cook? I do! It is so much pressure. You have to get it just right.  Then everyone has to like it? You think, do I have all the ingredients? There is an easy solution to my issue and perhaps your fear of cooking as well.

I was fortunate enough to meet the folks at Stonewall Kitchen and try out their products. They really make cooking easy and not so “scary”. Their tried and true recipes make every meal an experience. They even have a gluten-free line which helps me out since my husband is gluten free.

Stonewall Kitchen

It was so embarrassing, I was given a little spoon of the dark chocolate sauce and it was so good that I wanted more. I had to look around for another little spoon because I couldn’t double dip.


I have a tendency to travel a lot and it occurred to me to have this meals on hand as a simple solution to the age-old question of what is for breakfast, dinner, and lunch. The highest quality ingredients are used to bring you the meal that will make you feel like you are in grandmother’s kitchen no matter where you are. The Stonewall Kitchen brand brings you back home no matter how far you have travelled. I am in love with their soup mix and can’t get enough of their pancakes. I have to hide the caramel sauce because I do not want to share it. I found the Stonewall Kitchen brand in my local Giant supermarkets. I invite you to also taste their piece of home and sit down and enjoy the fruit packed jam with a biscuit share a story and make a memory worthy of a lifetime.

sloppy joe sauce



photo 2

You can find Stonewall products near you by using this Stonewall Kitchen Store Locator they have a wide variety of gift selections as well so send that gift of good food to all your friends. It is the perfect item to send your babysitter, client, kid in college, best friend, and your in-laws will even love it! I can’t stop raving about the dessert collection, soups, dressing, and the pancakes!




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