St Patricks Day Water Bottle Craft

St Patricks Day

Do you have family and/or friends that live out of town but you still would like to send them a personalized gift? How about making a water bottle craft? It is easy, fun, and don’t take a lot of time or money to make. You can get creative and have fun and you can let the kids get involved and help with this craft.

I made a St. Patrick’s Day water bottle to show you how easy it is. My niece’s birthday is St. Patrick’s Day so I decided that I would give this bottle to her for her birthday. See just how flexible this craft can be?

I just happened to have a green water bottle so with this being for St. Patrick’s Day I decided to go with this one, but you can use any water bottle – just drink the water (or other bverage), wash it out real good, and take the label off. Then go shopping :-). Find items that will fit into your bottle – note the different sizes of the tops of bottles and what will fit inside them. Once you get your items into your bottle, just seal it up and you can make a label to go on it.

St Patricks Day Water Bottle Craft Contents:

The items I found for my bottle were: a light-up necklace, bracelet and ring, a pen with a wobbly funny face, and a pair of St. Patty’s Day socks. And since I went with the water bottle I did, my niece will be able to use the bottle for water or other beverages.

Make sure if you decide to make one of these and plan to mail it off that you don’t put anything in your bottle that is combustible or anything that cannot be mailed.

Thanks to Gerrie S. for this guest post!

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