Spring Break Staycation

Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Unfortunately, spring break isn’t always filled with trips to a sandy beach, a certain mouse, or the ski slopes. For some of us, it’s about staying home and enjoying the solitude. Well, maybe it’s more about trying to find ways to keep the kids entertained for a whole week at home without losing our sanity or busting the budget!

Here are some ideas that will hopefully put a little spring in your spring break staycation and keep everyone content!

1. Explore your town~ Museum, craft stores, libraries, and malls, oh my! See if there are any special events going on during the week!

2. Visit your local Krispy Kreme for a little field trip with breakfast. My kids love watching the donuts being made and the free hat!

3. Rainy or snowy day? Set up a doll/animal hospital. Include a mom-made Rx pad (ie- post-it’s complete with the ‘Rx’ symbol and a line for the best doctor signature), a clipboard, doctor kit, patients, and and old button down white shirt turned doctor’s coat, and your kids will be diagnosing in no time!

4. Post Office~ Don’t worry, not the kissing game! Last year, we made mailboxes out of shoeboxes. I gave them envelopes, ink pad and stamps, and a mail bag. They entertained themselves for the entire morning!

5. Dollar Store Talent Show~ This is one we are trying out this year! Give each kid $5 to find things they can use to put on a talent show for the family. Magic tricks, hula hoops or how fast they can put together a puzzle come to mind. They may even have enough money to get a costume as well! Help them practice and even make a “stage” or a sign!

6. Dollar Store Art Show~ Again, $5 goes a long way at a dollar store. Have kids come up with some items they can use to create a piece of art for a family art show. Teach them that if they work together, they can get more bang for their buck by sharing some supplies. Come home and let them create in private so everyone is surprised! Set up a table or space for the display and let each child have their turn in presenting and explaining their piece of art.

7. Library Scavenger Hunt~ You could use a them if you want! Easter, perhaps? Include in your list a book with a cross on the cover, a Bible, a book with an Easter egg on the cover, etc… Or just make a general list~ a blue book, a computer, a drinking fountain, an audio book, a cookbook, a book about lizards, etc…Be creative! This is a great activity to do in pairs. Play date maybe? Maybe have a small prize at the end- a pack of gum or even a ribbon.

8. Easter Movie “Drive-In”~ Using cardboard boxes big enough for your child to sit in, decorate them to look like an Easter basket. Glue on “grass” and eggs made out of paper, or just Easter type things. Turn off the lights, draw the curtains and watch your favorite Easter movie. We like “Hop” or Veggie Tales, “An Easter Carol”.

9. Chef School~ Assign a night for each child to be in charge of dinner. Assist them in planning the meal, shopping for the items, and making it. When my son was 5, he chose homemade pizza, fruit kabobs and ice cream sundaes. It was a huge hit, and he loved being in the kitchen!

10. Easter Egg Hunt Play Date~ Last year, my friend and I each bought and stuffed plastic eggs with various items. She served lunch and I brought a treat and a craft. We all had a great time celebrating and hanging out!
Whatever it is you do, be creative and use the resources around you! Your kids will just be excited that you spent time with them no matter what you did! Happy Spring Break!

Thanks to Abby W. for this Spring Break Staycation post!

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