November 12, 2015

Make these days feel warmer with Sol Alpaca Scarves

Disclosure: I received the beautiful Sol Alpaca Scarf in this review and additional compensation from Sol Alpaca as part of the Mom It Forward Network Feel Warmer with Sol Alpaca Campaign. #feelwarmer #SolAlpaca

I do not fully embrace many fashion accessory or trends. Trust me I am not buying leg warmers. I don’t wear hats. I won’t be getting any feather earrings or adding feather to my hair. I do love a great completer piece and during the fall season I love scarves and wraps. For me, I like to feel cozy and warm and a good scarf can make me feel that way. I like both infinity scarves and regular scarves. I love to try new ways to wear them. I also like to buy them and have quite a few. So when I was given the chance to review one of the beautiful Sol Alpaca Scarves I jumped at the opportunity. So let me tell you a little bit about Sol Alpaca Scarves and then I will show you some great ways to wear them.

3 ways to wear sol alpaca scarves

Sol Alpaca Scarves

Sol Alpaca continues the rich heritage and tradition of Peru’s textile industry. They use only the finest fibers from the alpaca and the vicuña native to the Andes. The designs are created with 32 natural shades and bring together both the exceptional abilities of the Andean people and modern day trends. You will find all those garments that serve to help us feel warmer such as gloves, scarves, cardigans, and sweaters in the new online store. My scarf is so soft and so beautiful with rich hues and a delicate design.

3 Ways to Wear Sol Alpaca Scarves

I love to expand my wardrobe by switching up the way I wear my scarves. The Sol Alpaca scarves are a great size to be able to mix up the way you wear them. The first way I want to show is is a bit more traditional.

tradtional way to wear Sol Alpaca Scarves

Hold the scarf the long way with the width of the scarf gathered in hands.

Then put the scarf behind your neck with the scarf positioned so that it is longer on one side than the other.

Wrap the long side around your neck and then tuck it under the loop in the front.

Adjust by gently tugging on the scarf until it is comfortable and hanging the way you want it.

It is so much easier to show you how to wrap the scarf then to explain it in words so please be sure to watch the videos if it sounds confusing.


The second style I call handkerchief style because it reminds me of how you wear a handkerchief.

wearing sol alpaca scarves handkerchief style

Start by unfloding the scarf and holding it in front of you horizontally.

Fold the scarf in half. Then fold it again into a triangle.

Grab the ends of the triangle along the top longest length of the triangle.

Tie the end in a not behind your neck. Tuck and adjust as need in the front until you are happy with the way the scarf looks.

Again, it might be easier just to watch the video.

You can also wear a scarf like a cape. All you need is a pretty pin and it is a great way to take a plain simple white shirt into a wow outfit.

Sol Alpaca Scarves can also be worn cape stule pinned with a pretty broche

This third way is probably the easiest, no folding, no tucking, just a wrap and a pin. This style of wearing a scarf is usually called a cape style. You need a pretty pin but I am sure you have one hiding in your jewelry box. I had several in mine.

Unfold the scarf and place it behind your back. Wrap it around your shoulders. The scarf should be shorter on the side you where you want to put the pin and really just come over the front of your shoulder on that side. You will see what I mean in the video.

Take the other side and fold over a bit of scarf and put the pin through it. Then bring it up to your shoulder and pin it to the scarf on your shoulder.

That’s it and it is even easier once you watch:

Now that you know how versatile and easy it is to change your look wearing Sol Alpaca Scarves you will be happy to also know that we are sharing a discount code with our readers.  After you sign up for the Sol Alpaca Newsletter you will be able to use the promo code  StoreLaunch2015 to get a 10% discount off your first online purchase. Go ahead make a wishlist and drop some hints. I did!

Sol alpaca scarves are simply beautiful

My Sol Alpaca Ski Season Wish List

After a long day of skiing I can never seem to get warm. I put on layers, crank up the heat or sit near the fire, and drink hot cocoa but I still have a hard time shaking the to the bone chill. I am making a  wish list of all the Sol Alpaca clothing and accessories I want to have with me so I can feel warmer after a long day of skiing. Here is my list:

Jersey Gloves  – made out of 100% baby alpaca fibers

Multi Jacquard Beanie – made out of 100% baby alpaca fibers

What would you put on your wishlist from the Sol Alpaca Store? What would you buy for yourself? We are giving away a $100 Sol Alpaca Gift Card so you can do a little shopping for yourself or someone you love. We won’t judge if you decide to keep it all for yourself, though.

Enter our giveaway for a chance to win a $100 Sol Alpaca Gift Card

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rules: The prize is a $100 Sol Alpaca Gift Card. There will only be one winner chosen randomly from the qualified entries. The giveaway ends on 11/19/2015. Prize will be shipped to the winner.
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