August 21, 2013

Simple 3 Ingredient Homemade Dog Food Recipe

You Dog Will Love This Homemade Dog Food Recipe

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A sick puppy or dog is not fun for them or for you. Being a Furry Foster Parent to over 2 dozen furry friends this year, I have had my share of  dogs with upset tummies.  I found the quickest way to help get their tummies back on track is with this simple Homemade Dog Food Recipe. The best part is I can make it in small or large batches and it keeps well in the refrigerator.

Homemade Dog Food Recipe

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3 Large Sweet Potatoes

2 cups of Uncooked Rice

1 29 oz can of Pure Pumpkin (make sure it is NOT pumpkin pie filling because the sugar can be dangerous)


Cook Rice according to directions, I like to use my Rice Cooker because it frees me up to do the next steps.

Wash Sweet Potatoes and slice up into pieces. Place in large pot of water and bring to a steady boil.

Boil Potatoes until they are soft but not mushy. (My tip is slightly firmer than when you are making mashed potatoes)

Once the sweet potatoes and rice are cooked let cool down and mix with pumpkin.

Serve 1 cup of mixture to your dog or puppy twice a day until their stomach settles down.

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 This Homemade Dog Food Recipe is not meant to be veterinary advice or to diagnose your pet. If you have any questions regarding if a food is safe for your dog or to find out what is wrong with your dog please check with your veterinarian. 


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 Do you have a Homemade Dog Food Recipe that you make for your pets? Share it with us at [email protected] and we may feature it in an upcoming post.

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