April 14, 2014

Making Money Sell Consignment

Making Money Sell Consignment

making money sell consignment

 Trying to find ways to make money only requires a look thru your closets and drawers to come up with a pile of clothes and belongings that you can Sell Consingment.  With just a few easy steps you can turn this pile of clothes and belongings into cash to use towards your next vacation, pay off bills or put away for a rainy day. To get the most money for your time and belongings follow these tips to get started on Sell Consignment. 

Tip for Making Money Sell Consignment

1. Take the Time to Clean Items and Clothing. Dirty items will not be accepted for consignment and other items might be turned away because they do not want to bother looking thru the stuff you have brought in hopes of finding clean items. Take the time to clean crevices, stains, and build up dirt. 

2. Bring the Original Packaging if you have it. People will pay more for items that come with the original box and paperwork. If you have them take the time to put them with the items before taking to the consignment shop.

3. Provide Pictures of Bedding, Curtains, etc. It is hard for people to imagine how a comforter, valances, or bedspread will look when they are folded up in a package. Hang them up and make up the bed with them and take a good picture to include with the items. People will be able to see how it will look when in use and won’t have to try to imagine.

4. Check for recalls online before heading to the store. Make sure you have checked out your items online and make sure they have not been recalled. This will save you a trip to the store only to have to bring it back home for proper dispostal.

5. Check with the Consignment Store before your visit. Find out what items they are accepting. This includes sizes, seasons, and brands. Make sure that the items you are bringing fit into these categories. Make sure to find out if there are certain things that they desperately are short on because you will get more money for those items.

6. Present Your Items at their best. Don’t bring in clothes that are wrinkled or are just shoved in a bag. Make sure that the items are pressed, folded neatly, and ready to be displayed. Consignment stores are very busy and want items that they can put out as soon as possible with the least amount of work.

7. Know how the Consignment Store operates. Some consignment stores buy merchandise up front for a set fee and others take the items in and pay you if they sell.The option with getting money up front is that you receive money immediately but you will be paid a little less since they may have to mark down the items to sell them. If you get paid after they sell you will end up with more money but not all your items may sell and you will have to go back and pick them up.  Decide which way works best for you and go to a store that offers that option.

8. Do Your Research. Know what the items sell for brand new. If you are selling a large item it helps to know what the “New” price is so you know what to accept for a used price. Remember that condition will play a large part in how much your item is worth.

9. Ask if they Consignment Store offers Store Credit. Some consignment stores will give you more money if you turn it into store credit. This benefits them because the money is spent in store so they are not losing any money and it will benefit you because you will earn more to purchase items that you are going to need. Make sure to find out how long you have to use the in-store credit and if you have to use it all at once.

10. Plan for your next visit. To save time when you go to Sell Consignment again, keep plastic totes available where you can neatly store items until you have enough to take a trip to the consignment store. This will keep the items clean, neat, and easy to find.

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What are your tips for when you Sell Consignment? Leave a comment below with your tips.

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