October 15, 2015

Saving Lives with Cigna Foundation with Samahope

Disclosure: “I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for the Cigna Foundation, in partnership with Samahope. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

Saving Lives with Cigna Foundation with Samahope

Cigna Foundation with Samahope

We are very fortunate here in the U.S. to have access as new moms or moms-to-be to health care for ourselves and our little one. We can feel confident that we have medical care that is done in a safe and clean environment no matter if it’s big or small. We know we can see a doctor any time to help us with our health care needs and questions.But it is not like that everywhere. That is why we want to create awareness with the Cigna Foundation with Samahope. We want to help raise awareness and funds to improve the maternal health and safe childbirth resources to women around the world. And You can help too! Save Lives with Cigna Foundation with Samahope.

Samahope is providing funds directly to any woman who need it anywhere! They are providing women and children with life-changing medical treatments. The Cigna Foundation is supporting this program because of its focus on helping people overcome barriers to their health and well-being related to factors such as ethnicity, race, gender, age, geography or economics. This year they are helping train local nurses and fund doctors in India to provide treatments and surgery to people in need!

Cigna Foundation with Samahope

When I learned that every 2 minutes a woman dies from a preventable cause related to pregnancy and birth that shocked me! But just $5 can help provide a birth kit that includes the sterile tools to enable a Skilled Birth Attendant to protect a mother and child from life-threatening complications during childbirth. That mean $5 is saving TWO Lives!

Cigna Foundation with Samahope

This year Samahope wants to save 10,000 lives! 5000 moms and 500- babies.

Will you please help them on their mission to save 10,000 lives. Would you be willing to give up just $5 or more to save a mother and child and fund a safe birth kit? Please help! We’re on a mission to help 5,000 women deliver their babies safely, and we need your help. #GiveHopeWithCigna

Learn more about the Cigna Foundation and see how they are saving so many lives. Please help and Donate right Now!

We all know someone who has had a baby. But losing someone or losing a baby to something that can be prevented, this means so much more. Please Help! Donate and let’s begin to save some lives together! #GiveHopeWithCigna

You can learn more and donate today!

Visit Samahope on Facebook or on Twitter

Visit Cigna on Facebook or on Twitter

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