March 15, 2014

Save on Gas Bill for Car

Save on Gas Bill for Car

Save on Gas Bill



One of the first lessons I learned about owning a vehicle and having a driver’s license was that if you can’t afford the cost of gas, then you don’t get to drive. Since I first received my driver’s license I have watched gas prices sky rocket and my children don’t believe me when I say that gas used to be under $1 a gallon. The problem is that with children, I drive more and that means I spend more in gas. I have decided that in order to get our monthly spending on gas under control I had to come up with an effective way to Save on Gas Bill for my car. 

Save on Gas Bill for Your Car

  • Shop around for Good Gas Prices – don’t wait till you are on to start paying attention to gas prices along your commute. If you find a good price don’t hesitate to top off your tank. You never know how long that price will that low.
  • Watch for Gas Discounts  – Several stores (including Krogers and Kmart) offer savings on gas when you shop and earn points or credits towards gas savings. This adds up and can save anywhere from $0.10 – $1 when you fill up.
  • Plan Your Driving and Errands – Many times we get in the car before figuring out all the places we have to go or if we really need to run out right then to get something. I save up all my errands for one day and plot out the best route so that I can hit all my stops without driving back and forth. Also pay attention to busy traffic times so you are not stuck in traffic.
  • Drive at a Consistent Speed – Avoid quickly accelerating and frequent braking so that you are not wasting gas just to get your car going again. Anticipate stop signs and street lights while you are driving so that you can slowly coast to a stop versus wasting gas driving there. This is a good for driving on residential streets where you will find frequent stops.
  • Drive the Outer Edge of Parking Lots – Avoid having to “stop and go” or idle for extended times while driving thru a shopping center or large parking lot. By driving the outer edge versus along the store front you avoid the heavy build of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Keep Your Car Properly Maintained – By keeping your car properly maintained you ensure that it is running at its peak performance. This allows your vehicle to get the best gas mileage and makes sure your vehicle will last a long time.
  • Use A/C only on the Highway – At lower speeds it is better for fuel efficiency to drive with the windows down but when on the Highway and going fast speeds make sure to resist the urge to roll down the windows and let the wind blow thru your hair. The open windows increases the drag and reduces fuel efficiency.
  • Park in the Shade – Gasoline actually evaporates right out of your tank and the hotter it is the faster this will happen. Make sure to park in the shade even during the Winter months . Not only will this help save on gas in the Summer it will keep your vehicle cool so you won’t spend as much on air conditioning.

These simple tips to Save on Gas Bill will leave you with more money in your wallet and allow you to spend it on things you enjoy.

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