How to Make a Ring Toss Game Using Empty Bottles

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine: A cool breeze is blowing gently rocking you as you relax in your hammock sipping on a sweet tea on a warm summer afternoon. Aaaahhhh! This is what summer is all about! Relaxing, maybe even dozing off a bit.

Then out of no where you hear: “MOOOOMMMMM!!! I’M BORED!!” Boom! Your restful afternoon siesta gone in an instant. Ugghhh!!! All you wanted was 10 okay maybe 20 minutes to just relax and enjoy a moment to yourself. You didn’t ask for an hour, you wouldn’t dream of it,  no just 10 little minutes is all you really needed. Well I have a great idea for a fun activity you can create to keep you kids busy for those 10 short little minutes you need to have a quiet me moment this summer. Make your own ring toss game!

Create time for you with snapple and a ring toss game

How to make your own ring toss game:

Step 1.  Gather empty bottles, iced tea bottles work great. You need 7- 10 bottles  for the ring toss game and then you want to makes sure you have some that you can sit back and sip while the kids play their new game.

You also need to buy some plain plastic shower rings. The other two items you need are paint and sand. Use any paint you have around from a previous project and I just scooped some sand out of the sand box…ssshhh!

Creating time for me with Snapple


Step 2. Sip your summer and drink some tea. You need to have empty bottles to make the game. You only have to share with the rest of the family if you want. I shared with the kids and I had 9 empty bottles in no time.

Creating time for me with snapple summer snacking

Step 3: Rinse the bottles and let them air dry. Then remove the labels. Get out your goo gone and get rid of any sticky residue from the label.

Create time for you with snapple remove label and sticky residue with goo gone

Step 4: Grab the kids to help with this step. Pour some paint into each bottle along with a few drops of water. This is not an exact science so just add what you think is enough to coat the inside of the bottle. You can always add more or dump some out if you have too much. Then put the lid back on (VERY IMPORTANT) and  let the kids shake them.

Step 5: Remove the tops and let the paint dry. Once it is dry fill about 1/2 way full with sand. This is so the bottles don’t tip over when the rings hit them. Put the cap back on.

Create time for you with snapple add sand to the bottle

Step 6: Set up your new ring toss game out in the yard. Tell the kids to have at it! They can keep score by counting how many ringers they get or just enjoy throwing the rings!

Create time for you with snapple and a ring toss game for the kids to play

While they are playing you can sit back, relax, and sip on some ice cold sweet tea. And that folks is how I create time for me during the sweet months of summer. What do you do to relax during the summer months? Please share with us in the comments below.

Creating time for me to relax with Snapple