August 28, 2019

Restaurants in Natchez Mississippi

Natchez, Mississippi, a charming city that you can’t help but fall in love with. We found a lot of exciting Things to Do in Natchez MS with the whole family, and it’s been an enjoyable and memorable experience for us as we explore this city. But aside from the tourist spots, we also fell in love with the food in Natchez. We were not able to eat at a lot of different places, but the ones we’ve tried were absolutely fantastic. So, I’m sharing with you the best family-friendly restaurants in Natchez Mississippi that you should try!

Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Natchez Mississippi

Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Natchez

Fat Mama’s Tamale’s

Why is it called Fat Mama’s Tamales? In Natchez tamales were a stable there was a woman who used to make them, and with her departure, people were left without Tamales. That just couldn’t happen, so Jimmy & Britton Gammill spent hours and days, weeks, and maybe years perfecting the Tamales recipe that locals, tourist, and anyone who wants a party in your mouth meal orde. The joke was that with all this perfecting of tamales Mama was going to end up fat. 

I have to agree we ordered everything from nachos to their fire and ice pickles. I couldn’t stop stuffing my face full of their cornbread and the gringo pie if you can imagine a bulldozer rapidly moving the earth. That was me. I found my fork was operating with a powerful force. I forgot my manners as I lost my mind in their key lime pie and brownie with caramel and pretzels. After a meal like that is this girl who took home some “Knock-You-Naked” margarita mix because I had a corn muffin top after that meal.

I loved the energy of the restaurant, the people, and decor was cheerful, the prices were fantastic, and the food was outrageously good. I am not telling you if the  “Knock-You-Naked” margaritas mix works. I will tell you I did have to stop my husband from ordering a case.

Visit Fat Mama’s Tamale’s 303 South Canal Street Natchez, MS

The Camp

If this is Camp then sign me up for seven days a week. This restaurant is located overlooking the Mississippi. The sunset was breathtaking. It was so beautiful I ran outside to snap some images. I came back before the food arrived, which was lucky for me because everything was good that what I ordered didn’t last long.

 We started with the brisket fries and an order of loaded fries. The brisket fries were savory, and I may have made a deal so my kids would quit taking them. I could have easily ordered them for dinner. They are their house-cut fries topped with brown gravy with chunks of smoked brisket debris, cheddar cheese, and green onions. 

I had their fish tacos. They were layer with flavor. The kids had a variety of burgers. The youngest was fascinated by the burger he ordered. It had an egg in the bun. 

Then we had to have dessert. We ordered one of everything, root beer floats, bread pudding, ice cream sundae and brownie with ice cream. We finished everything. We aren’t quitters after all. 

The service, selection, location, and brisket fries make this a dining experience you won’t soon forget. Our kids now compare every burger to the one they savored at The Camp.

The Camp is located in the historic “Under-the-Hill” district in downtown Natchez, where it sits right along the bank of the mighty Mississippi River. It’s the perfect place to enjoy delicious dinner overlooking the Mississippi River, and enjoying the sunset.

Visit The Camp Restaurant at 21 Silver Street, Natchez, Mississippi 39120

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