July 22, 2013

Refreshment on the go with Bigelow Tea

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Bigelow Tea Keeps Me Refreshed When I Am On The Go

 I am leaving in a few days to attend my first blogging conference. Most of the people attending are women and everyone is busy arranging their schedules and talking about food. Yes food and beverages come up frequently in conversations as everyone will be attending parties, lunch meetings and informal gatherings. Everyone is talking about making sure they get their coffee fix. Me I am not to concerned with coffee because I don’t drink it. I keep hydrated and stay refreshed with Iced Tea when I am on the go. My favorite flavors right now are Raspberry and Blueberry from Bigelow Tea. You can check out my recent shopping  trip to Walmart.

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How I Plan To Take Bigelow Tea on the Go

I am traveling by train for my conference and will be leaving very early in the morning. I will make a refreshing glass of  Bigelow Tea to take with me for the car ride to the station and have a second one ready for my train ride. Packed in my suitcase will be the 3 new boxes of Bigelow Tea that I picked up at Walmart today. I will be able to enjoy my tea with me no matter where I am at.

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Since I will be staying at a hotel I won’t be able to make my tea by the gallon the way I do at home. I normally prefer to make a large batch and chill it in the refrigerator. Then when I don’t have time to make it before I start my day, I can just fill up my glass and go. I can still enjoy the refreshing taste of Bigelow Tea while I am gone by taking advantage of what I do have. Since I am packing my tea and bringing my travel cup I only need to find hot water and ice cubes.  I will switch out the boiled water in the recipe below for hot water that is provided at meals and fill up my cup with ice from the hotel ice machine.  I will skip the fruit unless I come across some delicious looking fruit at meals.

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There will be so many desserts at all my evening events that I plan to fight the cravings by switching from fruit teas to iced vanilla chai.

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The best part about taking Bigelow Tea with me is the money I will save not having to buy beverages while I am gone. Bigelow offers a high quality and full flavor tea that is far superior to other tea brands on the market.  The individually packaged bags stay fresh even when out of the box because they are sealed for freshness.

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