April 19, 2017

Cardboard Box Play for Kids

Cardboard Box Play for Kids

Cardboard Box Play for Kids

Last week, spring popped in and gave us its yearly glimpse of the weather to come in a few weeks. But, now we are left with icy roads and dreary weather for days on end. So, of course, the kids are already going stir crazy (as am I). Today, I set out to conquer the boredom.

So many boxes!

Let’s be honest here: We all have boxes from our online orders sitting around. Aside from trying to shove them all in the recycling bin hoping they all fit they may seem useless. Unless you are moving sometime soon, this doesn’t seem very helpful. Don’t worry. There are other uses for them!

Recycle cardboard boxes by letting kids play with them

recycle cardboard box

I decided to put my kids pent up energy (and the handful of boxes we had laying in the garage) to good use. My two year old spent the morning asking to go on a train ride which, right now, isn’t happening. The nearest train that is still open for rides is at least an hour away and is only open seasonally. So, the next best option was for my kids to create their own train.

We had a handful of boxes from past online orders sitting the garage waiting for recycling day and a few other supplies laying around. Once supplies were gathered, my seven-year-old got to work with designing it and the two-year-old helped by coloring.

How does it help me?

Focusing their energy that is pent up when they can’t get outside helps you as the parent and them. Giving them a project with free reign can sound terrifying. I get that but, hear me out here: If you help them gather supplies, you will then approve of items being used. No need to worry about what they are digging up to be used.

With you sitting nearby to supervise they will feel fully in full control of whatever is happening with their project yet, you can monitor safely. Plus, with you sitting and watching they will feel like you are interested in what they are doing which is a big bonus to them. As far as it helping you? They are focused on something and not asking for the millionth time for a snack even though they just ate a seven course meal 10 minutes ago.

I found that my kids seem to be more into projects that they have full control over. Instead of me planning and hovering the whole time. They love the freedom of being able to create their own masterpieces on a much larger level than just drawing a picture or coloring.

Recycle cardboard boxes and keep the kids entertained. It is the best of both worlds!

recycle cardboard box

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