Recipes Kids can Make Round-Up

Delicious and Simple Recipes Kids Can Make

recipes kids can make

Cooking with our kids can provide a great learning experience that they will always remember. You not only create lasting memories but they learn cooking skills they will use the rest of their life. I also love the math and science lessons they learn without even knowing they are learning. So grab your kids and head to the kitchen to recreate these delicious treats.

Check out all these tried and true recipes kids can make!

Very Cherry Jello Salad

Combine your child’s favorites with mini marshmallows and they will be asking for more Jello Salad.

jello kids recipes

No Sugar Recipe- Grandma’s Homemade Applesauce

Applesauce doesn’t have to be loaded with sugar. Let nature sweeten the pot with this delicious recipe that Grandma made. This will easily become your favorite recipes kids can make applesauce recipe.


Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Party time is anytime with these delicious cupcakes made portable with ice cream cones. The options are endless when you supply your little ones with toppings galore. Sit back and they will decorate with ease.

kid cupcake recipes

Easy Mexican Lasagna

Leftovers are given new life with this delicious lasagna recipe your kids will fight over making. Delicious flavors and ingredients will have this become a family favorite.

mexican lasagna

Neon Marshmallow Pops

Bright colors make these pops everyone’s favorite snack. These bright colors will grab the attention of every kid at the lunch table and your child will be the star of lunchtime.

neon marshmallow pops

Milk Chocolate Mud Cups

Delicious pudding and cookies create these unique cups that give a new meaning to eating “dirt.” The gummy worms add just the right touch of “ewww” to make them appeal to every little kid. Grown-ups will love them too.

mud cups

Rainbow Milkshake

There won’t be gold at the end of this rainbow but there will be happy faces. Create this colorful milkshake as a special treat or as reward for a job well done.

rainbow milkshake

Candy Nests

Perfect for giving and receiving your little ones will love to mix up these nests. Watch them enjoy the deliciousness of candy eggs.

candy nests

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