Rec Tec Grills Review

Rec Tec Grills Review

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It has been over a year since I first discovered Rec Tec GrillsI was first drawn to them when I heard that you could bake cookies on a grill. I didn’t believe this was possible and spent several months researching and reading reviews from Rec Tec Grills users. This month I formed a partnership with the owners of Rec Tec Grills and was given my own grill to try out for myself. I have enlisted my family and friends to be my test subjects and we have already started to get our grill on. Over the course of the summer we will show you great recipes you can prepare on Rec Tec Grills and how you can use it for all your cooking needs. Yes, I will even show you how you can bake cookies and more without turning on your oven. Now that you are intrigued, keep reading to find out how our first experience using the Rec Tec Grill went.

 Rec Tec Grills

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Delicious Ribs

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How it Works according to Rec Tec Grills

As soon as you turn on your REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill, the Smart Grill processor goes to work by energizing the igniter rod located in the grill’s fire pot and adding just enough fuel to your fire pot to start the fire without smothering the flames. After a few minutes you see and smell the smoke coming from your grill.  

Then the thick smoke from the lighting sequence clears and the thin clean smoke starts to roll. At this time your Smart Grill processor starts adding more pellet fuel and your temperature starts to climb toward your selected temperature.  As the grill temperature closes in on your set point temperature, the Smart Grill processor analyzes the grill’s temperature data and calculates the proper pellet feed rate needed to reach temperature and hold steady while you cook.

When you open your grill lid to add food or check your progress heat will escape. When this happens the Smart Grill processor will start adding pellets and recalculating the necessary fuel to bring your temperature back to your set point. Additionally, as your food increases in temperature or the outdoor weather changes your Smart Grill processor will compensate for these changes to maintain the exact temperature you selected.

My Review

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Grilled Garlic and Cumin Chicken

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My husband was more excited than I was the day the grill arrived but due to our busy schedules he had to wait 24 hours before unboxing the Rec Tec grill. Everything came conveniently packaged on a pallet that was delivered via UPS freight. Once we removed the pellets, unpacking the grill was a breeze because everything was stored inside the grill. It took him about an hour to put it together and then he had to let it run for 20 minutes to cure the paint and prime the burner. He let it run a little longer because the smell from the pellets made us feel like we were sitting around a campfire. I actually fell asleep and did not wake up till the next morning, that is how relaxing it was. 

Two days later, we couldn’t wait any longer and decided that we just had to have a barbecue. So text messages were sent, the house was cleaned, a menu prepared, and grocery shopping commenced. In 12 short hours we had hosted the best barbecue our family had ever eaten at and it was all thanks to the Rec Tec Grill

Cooking on the Rec Tec Grill is like nothing we had ever experienced. With the temperature kept stable, you are able to leave your food and visit with your guests without worrying if it is overcooking and not cooking at all. Best of all the deflector shield does keep the flare ups away so there is no need to stand guard like the Flame Warrior. Everything that was cooked came out perfectly and people came back for seconds and thirds. I was pleasantly surprised by the chicken breast as no matter how many times I cook it, it usually ends up dry. The corn was so juicy that I will never boil it in a pot again. 

We have used our Rec Tec Grill many times since our family barbecue and my husband got so excited about using it today he actually called me “Grill” instead of “Gwen”. He used it twice today to make both lunch and dinner. This did not bring any complaining from me as I am usually the one that is preparing meals.  We have so many great ideas for meals that I know we are not going to run out of ideas or company that wants to come over and taste the difference in the food that is prepared on Rec Tec Grills. Although this one was given to us to review, I will say that it is worth every penny that it costs and have several people considering purchasing one after tasting the food that was cooked on the grill. 

Make sure to check back as the recipes for the dishes featured in this review will be posted in the coming week. 

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Grilled Garlic and Butter Corn

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Find more information and order your own Rec Tec Grill visit them online at Check out Rec Tec Grills .

You can also watch this Video Clip to see how the Rec Tec Grill works.