January 15, 2013

Reasons to Cancel Your Gym Membership

Is being fit expanding your spending?

Everywhere you turn there are commercials and advertisements telling you why you need to join a gym. My savings tip for today is telling you why you may not need a gym membership and how to save money and still work out.

#1-If you don’t go to the gym at least once a week- you do not need a gym membership.

#2 – If you don’t take advantage of all the extra perks your gym offers (but you are paying for). Examples:Childcare, aerobics classes, towel service, tanning services, and court time. – you do not need a membership at that gym.

#3- If you are charging your gym membership and then not paying off your credit card – you do not need a gym membership.

#4 – If you only go to the gym to walk on the treadmill – you do not need a gym membership.

#5 – If your gym membership takes away from other household expenses-you do not need a gym membership.

#6-If you only use the gym to shower and go to the bathroom without kids interrupting-you do not need a gym membership. OK, maybe you do!!

Now that you know why you don’t need a gym membership let me give you some advice on how to get fit for less.

#1-Work out at home with Workout DVDs-some libraries even let you borrow them for free.

#2 Walk in your neighborhood, at your local high school track or even your local mall.

#3 Check your health insurance company and see if you can get a discount from local gyms or if they will pay for you to join one. (Many health insurances companies offer this as a way to promote getting healthy)

#4 Join a “Bare Bones” gym without all the frills and swap childcare with a friend if you need it.

#5 Use exercise equipment you already own in your home.

#6 Turn on the radio and have a dance session in the comfort of your own home.

#7 If you get the urge to work out take advantage of the free week trials many gyms offer.

#8 Find out if your friends who have a gym membership get guest passes. Tag along for free and offer them some encouragement.

#9 Don’t get sucked in by waived enrollment fees that require you to sign a contract. If you must have a gym membership get them to let you pay as you go.

#10 Take your toddlers to a store without a stroller and spend an hour chasing after them.


This 2013 our goal is to save more money! MadameDeals is all about Making Dollar$ Out of Change, so everyday we will be sharing some useful and simple tips that we can easily do. Saving a few buck$ may not be a lot, but if you will combine all the savings that you can get within a year, I’m sure you’ll all be surprised with the result.

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