October 15, 2016

Who Else Wants A Quick and Easy Dinner Idea?

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Who Else Wants A Quick and Easy Dinner Idea?

Monday night was a night like most others. I picked up the kids from school. They looked like they had been to war and back and they were dirty, tired, and of course hungry. I helped with their homework and got them started on their chores, resolved the arguments, and stopped the complaints before they escalated. It was a night like most others. As I was finishing my last email. I looked up only to realize it was 5:30 pm. Yikes! Dinner needed to be made. I opened my freezer, and it was like the golden light from the Wizard of Oz shined. I had an idea for a quick and easy dinner. Yeah! Success.

Awesome Burger Recipe

Awesome Burger Recipe

Who needs a rope up from the hole I like to call “same recipe?” It is the sink hole where you can only think of four meals to serve each week. The dreaded rotation of “boring.”

I have the answer to what is for dinner when you haven’t even thought about it yet because it happens to me often.

I always find myself looking up from my work at the time that I know my children will make that turn from sweet children to kids I do not recognize. I want to be that mom that plans ahead and has everything ready, but I am usually not. I have found I can whip up some great meals if I have a little cooking help from my friends at Ball Park® brand.

Ball Park® fully cooked Flame Grilled Beef Patty, Steakhouse Beef, and Pulled Pork

You see they make steakhouse burgers that you can buy in the frozen food aisle at Walmart. There are four 14oz Ball Park® Steakhouse Burgers in each bag. They are 100% natural beef. You can cook them in the oven, on the stove, or get this in the microwave. How about that for convenient! I know summer is over, but now you can get that grilled taste in your home without braving the weather.

And I found out that if you get your kids in the kitchen to help you they will eat what they make!

Here’s how to make my easy pizza burger recipe:


1 Bag of Ball Park Steakhouse All Natural Beef per every four people
One bag of hamburger buns
Diced garlic or garlic powder
Pasta sauce (your favorite kind)
Portobello mushrooms
Mozzarella cheese
Olive oil


1) Place the pan on the stove.
2) Put a light coating of olive oil in the pan.
3) Put the Ball Park Steakhouse Burgers in the pan.
4) In another pot, heat up your favorite pasta sauce.
5) Flip burgers when it is brown.
6) Then add mushrooms to the pan.


7) While the mushrooms and Ball Park Steakhouse Burgers are cooking butter your hamburger buns.
8) Then sprinkle the buns with garlic.
9) Place the buns in the pan if you do not have enough room wait until the mushrooms are cooked and remove them. You want to have a slightly toasted roll.
10) Once the burger is browned on both sides, then add the mozzarella cheese on the top of one side.
11) Now that the mushrooms, burger, and buns are cooked we will plate the burger by putting the bun down. Then you will place the burger on top of the bottom bun.
12) Place the sauce on the burger.
13) Then you put the mushrooms.
14) Finally, place the top hamburger bun on.
15) Serve the hamburgers.

Pizza Burger Recipe

I can’t wait to try out the Ball Park® Pulled Pork from Walmart. I am going to use it to make sweet potatoes with pulled pork. I have also made the Ball Park® Flame Grilled Beef Patty for a tailgating party I had. It made it really easy to cook up something special without having to be away from your guests. I especially enjoyed having that flame grilled flavor while the snow was falling outside. I suggest you fill up your freezer because you’ll never know when dinner time will sneak up on you. These are great options to have for when you plan a great meal and when you forget to plan the meal!

Salad and Burger


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