February 24, 2014

Powdered Doughnut Pancakes Recipe

Powdered Doughnut Pancakes Recipe

Powdered Doughnut Pancakes


Oh yes, you read that right, Powdered Doughnut Pancakes Recipe! These pancakes are sweet, buttery, and awesome. This weekend my husband and I had some time to ourselves and I asked him what he wanted for a breakfast date, and he said I want doughnuts, but I kind of want pancakes too. Well he should call me Genie because your wish is my command! I combined some things from other recipes I found and made my own Powdered Doughnut Pancakes Recipe! 

This recipe is easy to make, and would be great for a sleepover breakfast, brunch, or just because! My daughter was upset that I made them for daddy and not her, so I had to make them again when she got home, ha!

Here is how to make this Powdered Doughnut Pancakes Recipe:


Powdered Doughnut Pancakes steps

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