January 2, 2014

Positive Quotes for the Day

Thought Provoking Thursday: Positive Quotes for the Day

beauty in burnt cookies

Here’s the story behind my positive quotes for the dayLast week started off so full of hope and joy with Christmas around the corner, my house was full of Holiday Cheer. Tuesday started off with a bang and a long list of things to do before the day ended. All my good plans came to a screeching halt, when I checked my checking account. I know you might be wondering why I was checking my account on Christmas Eve with so much to do but truth is I have had my information stolen in the past and make it a habit to watch all my accounts. There are services such as LifeLock that help you with that.

My day suddenly came to a halt when I noticed a payment for $105 that was not mine or my husbands. With a few phone calls it was revealed that my brother in law had used our checking account to pay his storage unit payment. All visions of a White and Happy Christmas fled from my head and instead it was filled with anger, resentment and panic. There was no beauty in burnt cookies of my mental images.

Several phone calls, texts and reassurance from my friend that I could get it reversed left me in somber spirits but I decided that I needed to put “My Big Girl Panties” on and bake with my daughter as promised. On our list was Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate Chip Cookies.  20 minutes into our baking session, my daughter decided she wanted to watch cartoons. Seeing as we were baking at her request she was denied and we continued working.  Our first batch of cookies ended up burnt because we lost track of time and I found myself on the edge of tears. She reassured me Santa only needed 5 and we had 2 dozen more to go in the oven. If she could find the beauty in burnt cookies, why couldn’t I?

Positive Quotes for the Day – Sometimes There is Beauty in Burnt Cookies

The baking was finally finished and my daughter in bed for the night. Stockings were stuffed but I still couldn’t see any of the beauty in burnt cookies of the day. As I got ready for bed, my thoughts went to what we had accomplished that day. The 6 months worth of filing I had managed to file away in just 15 minutes because I was looking for papers to deal with checking account issue, the 3 dozen cookies that were delicious and NOT burnt, and 2 tasty pies created with love ready for Christmas dinner.

I finally found the Beauty in Burnt Cookies. This positive quotes for the day applies to so much of our lives when we only look at the bad side of things, we miss out on the beautiful pieces and situation that emerge. As you begin your New Year, make sure that you look for the Beauty in Burnt Cookies in your day to day activities. You never know what you are going to find.

Here are some of our Positive Quotes for the Day favorites:

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