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April 25, 2014

Plus Size Clothing Under $10

Plus Size Clothing Under $10

Plus size clothing under $10

Being a Plus Size Women makes it harder to find clothes in your everyday stores, even though the selections are slowly getting better. However, the price tag for Plus Size fashion can sometimes leave a person with sticker stock. When a person is going up or down a size it becomes even more of a burden to buy clothes they know they will only need for a short period of time. Often times they resort to sweat pants and leggings because they know they will stretch and fit either way the scale goes. This leads to boring and drab outfits and lack of inspiration. Just because you wear a plus size doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous so never fear, those days are over. You can dress in style and on budget with these tips for buying Plus Size Clothing under $10

Tips for Buying Plus Size Clothing Under $10

Shop End of Season Sales – This is the perfect time to stock up on basics such as tanks and tees for layering. These can be worn year round under sweaters, blazers, and jackets. You will also find deals on hoisery and sleepwear which can usually be worn during any season.

Shop in the Men’s Department – Men’s dress shirts are often cheaper than women’s and go on sale more often. They are also cut different so you might find you prefer them to a women’s dress shirt. Pair them with a pair of dress jeans and tank for a quick dinner out.

Shop Thrift Stores– It will take a little more work than finding smaller sizes but plus sizes are showing up in thrift stores. Pay attention to the thrift stores in your areas that carry plus sizes regularly and make it a habit to visit them. Some areas are also getting plus size specific thrift stores so make sure to Google Plus Size Thrift Stores and your City before you go out shopping.

Shop Online – Thanks to the internet you can find great deals without ever leaving the comfort of your home. There are however a few things to keep in mind when ordering online.
– Return Policy
– Your Measurements – All sizes are not created equal and since you are not trying the clothes on before buying them knowing what your measurements are so you can compare them to the stores size guidelines will save you from unnecessary returns.
– Shipping Charges – these can drastically raise up a price so make sure the item is still a good deal after shipping.
– Coupon Codes – Check for online coupon codes or deals before checking out to save even more money.

These are the top ways I like to purchase Plus Size Clothing under 10. If you have friends who are close to your size you can also organize clothes swaps to freshen up your wardrobes for free.

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