February 7, 2015

How to Plan the Perfect Date

How to Plan the Perfect Date

The perfect stage makes for the best performance. Does the script make the play? The truth is the actors make the production all it’s meant to be and really nothing else matters. It is the intention of the actors and the preparation that defines the outcome. The same can be said for a romantic evening. The best Valentine’s Day experience will be the result from a proper plan. I figure I can help you with your best stay at home date ever. This is how to plan the perfect date.

The first you need to do is take an awesome massage class that is easy and effective. We highly suggest the class by melt massage. <— Sign up now! <—

Massage Classes

Then you will leave clues from our free printable coupon hint document. . You can see where we suggest you leave the clues. In our post How to prepare for a massage post. It is very important to set the stage. It isn’t hard but the secret to the best gift is building anticipation. We hope that in the next couple of days you take our hints and produce the best gift.

Massage Clues

Then you can use this printable list to organize the rest of your Valentine’s day. We want to make this your best stay at home date idea yet.

Valentines Day Checklist

We also have some great ideas for meals that will knock their socks off. I know I will be making an easy meal that looks fancy but it is easy and tastes great. I will organize my favorite tradition which is a coffee table picnic. It is truly fun and having a stay at home date where the main intention is enjoying one another is the purpose.

coffee table picnic

How would you make your Perfect Date special? Let us know in the comments below!


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