March 19, 2016

Peeps Projects and Recipes Round Up!

Here is your roundup for all Peeps Projects and Recipes!

Peeps Projects and Recipes Round Up!

Easter is right around the corner! What better way to celebrate then with Marshmallow Peeps? Little bunnies and chicks shaped out of marshmallow goodness? Yes please! Did you know Peeps has been around since 1953?? Peeps started out at just yellow “chicks” for Easter but have since evolved to lots of different colors, and shapes, including Bunnies for Easter,  Pumpkins for Halloween, Hearts for Valentines day, and Christmas Trees for Christmas!

With Peeps being such a yummy and fun part of the Easter tradition, here at RealAdviceGal we have been playing with Peeps all month long, making yummy Peeps treats, and fun Peeps projects!

Here is a list of Peeps Projects and Peeps Recipes:

Edible Peeps Houses

Edible Easter Peeps Houses


Cupcake Recipe for Kids with Peeps

frozen pudding pop

Frozen Pudding Pops Recipe

How cute is this Peeps Decoration? And it was made for under $5!


Here is our $5 Peeps Easter Centerpiece


This is our Hatching Peeps Easter Garden(also part of our $5 Easter Centerpiece series)


How cute is this $5 Easter Peeps Centerpiece(and pretty tasty too!)


These Peeps Pops look awesome, and is another Easter Centerpiece made for under $5!


These Peeps Smores are not only adorable, but delicious too, and super easy to make!

So there you have it! All of our yummy and cute Peeps Crafts and Recipes! These crafts and recipes were super easy and fun to make, and it’s a great way to get your kids involved to! (as long as you can keep this from eating the Peeps!) If you need some Peeps for your projects, I just found an awesome deal on Amazon for them, check it out!

If you guys have anymore great ideas for Peeps Projects and Recipes leave us a comment! We would love to hear about it!

Marshmallow Recipes

Also check out our Marshmallow Recipes Roundup

Best Easter Dresses for Girls Under $20

Best Easter Dresses for Girls Under $20

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