July 28, 2016

Getting #PeanutButterHappy This Summer With Jif!

Getting #PeanutButterHappy This Summer With Jif!

Getting #PeanutButterHappy This Summer With Jif!

Summer time is here ya’ll! And by the 96 degree temperature outside, I can feel it! I love the freedom and fun summer brings. I am lucky enough to spend the summer at home with my daughter, and we always have some fun times together. During the summer we are very much a go go go type of family. We have summer sports and activities, vacations planned, and family days. So that means when it comes to breakfast and snack, I’m always looking for something quick, easy, and tasty. That’s where products like Jif Spread and Jif Bar come in to play! 

Jif® Flavored Spreads and Jif™ Bars

We have been spending quite a bit of time at Walmart recently, as we are moving and we need all kinds of stuff for the new house. Luckily Walmart has everything we need in one place, including yummy Jif products that we can grab for breakfast and snacks! I let my daughter pick out the flavors she wanted and I must say, I am totally fine with her choices. Cinnamon is one of my favorite flavors so I knew we were both going to love the Cinnamon Jif Spread! And as far as snacks go, I try to always keep snacks either in my car or in my purse for when I have hungry kids on the go, and the Jif Bars are perfect for that! After purchasing our needed items is was time to go home and try them out!

Jif® Flavored Spreads and Jif™ Bars

Oh and before I forget, for you Ibotta shoppers, there are deals on both of these yummy treats! (You know how I feel about being frugal, it’s important!) So don’t forget to grab your rebate for your Jif Bar and Jif SpreadScore!

Jif Cinnamon Flavor Spread

Even though it was hot, it was still a beautiful day outside which meant breakfast would be had while out on our morning walk. (You know the one where you are hunting those cute little digital creatures? Yep that’s the one!). So what’s an easy breakfast that’s great on the go? The Jif Cinnamon Flavor Spread of course! I love that you can just spread it on some toast, a waffle, or some fruit and you have a yummy breakfast in a flash. And it’s easy enough that the kids can make it themselves. The texture of these flavor spreads are divine. Super smooth and the taste is awesome, it makes us peanut butter happy!

Jif Bars

After our morning walk it was time for another snack before we hit the pool, so we wanted to try the Chocolate Jif Bar which my daughter has proclaimed to be her new favorite snack. It’s crunchy, yet creamy, and plus, who doesn’t love chocolate right!?

Both of these Jif products are perfect for summer time, back to school lunches, and a quick breakfast! Where would you eat your Jif on the go?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The J.M. Smucker Company. The opinions and text are all mine.

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