December 2, 2012

Paying it Forward one $100 Story at a time

If you have followed by blog there are two things you should know. I blog to have a place to be myself and share. I am an over “sharer” by nature. I also want to figure out a way to use my skill set as an entrepreneur to help others. It is very important to me to do more for others. I am sure we all have the desire to help others but we often think well I do not have anything to offer. The truth is we each have the ability to help others the only question is how to get started. The answer is come up with an idea and implement it. I think in life we have things that happen to us and they are signs. This happened last year to me in $100 increments. You should read my $100 story so you can catch up.

Paying it forward

I recently attended a conference where OXO was a sponsor. They were willing to double any donation that was made by donating for a raffle ticket. I believe in fate. I had a job come in for $100 so I decided to donate that and match it from my personal account. The reason is simple. I can’t image not helping when I am in a place that I can contribute. I also watched this video and it reminded me that if everyone takes a minute to do something for someone else then that is what defines them. It isn’t what we own it is who we are that counts. I hope you take a minute to watch this video and bake to help. I will post what I bake later but I am sure it will be amazing because with every bite it could help save a life!

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