September 9, 2012

Pay it Forward Friends

Dear Pay it Forward Friends,
Well, I woke up this morning.I opened my facebook and I received a wonderful message. “Thank you so much for everything all the clothes and shoes worked…and went to different homes…and the makeup and stuff was split between 3 girls who loved it all”. I was so excited! You see I had an awful week this week. I had several bloggers question my integrity over a misunderstanding. I asked for those bloggers to issue formal apologies because we all make mistakes and “I am sorry” goes a long way. It is unfortunate that none have.

What was almost more unfortunate was I was going to stop what I normally do which is help others. You know when someone sours your experience you begin to shy away. I had forgotten that I agreed to donate clothes to some high school girls that needed jeans. They were wearing jeans held together with a rubber band because they were to small. If you follow Madame Deals on facebook you know I have a jean problem. I decided to give away some of my jeans. I do not “need” them all and clearly these ladies needed them more. I also empty out every drawer and my shoe closet.  I tackle under the sink as well as the stockpile. I figured if they didn’t have jeans then they most likely needed anything and everything I could find.

In life you begin to see things differently as you grow up. You begin to challenge what is important. It isn’t as important as what you have as what you can give. You see your position and you think how can I leverage my position to help others. I run a successful website. I measure my success in the amount of people we can reach and touch each day. This website provides me the venue to provide help, receive help, and deliver help.

I would like to invite you to a participate in a movement we created called Pay it Forward Friday…. it is simple you agree on Friday to do something special for someone else. We have a list of 100 things  you can do. You agree to put this on your calender on your phone or where ever you need to remind yourself. This is an important part of who you are or want to be. You see sometimes in life we spend a lot of time thinking about ourselves and we are often forget others. I am naming the program Pay it Forward Friends.  The challenge is simple we are all going to do nice things for someone we know without them knowing it is us. 

If your game join my conversation below.. lets give each other ideas


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