December 6, 2016

Here is a Quick Way to Plan Fun Parties for Adults

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Here is a Quick Way to Plan Fun Parties for Adults

Party ideas for adults

It is Friday night, and you are sitting at home again. The parenting part has come to an abrupt halt as they scurry to their devices or over to friends. You have been so busy getting them, there, here, and everywhere that you forgot it would also be nice if you had something special to do.

That is what I did. I knew my friends were struggling with being the anchor to the boat and the wind in the sail.

You are working, or you are at home working 24 hours a day. It doesn’t matter it isn’t working. You can’t seem to fit your wants and needs into the schedule. Then you have an idea what if you planned a party for your friends?

Here is a Quick Way to Plan Fun Parties for Adults

Fun Parties For Adults because kids aren’t the only ones that deserve to celebrate.

The first thing you need is a theme. They honestly do not care what your theme is, but you want one because it sounds better than I am going to hang out at my friend’s house for a couple of hours because I can no longer stand the questioning sessions that rival a trial. It is true we all do not want to admit that we have had enough. Yes, I still do not know where my child’s shoes are because guessed what I didn’t wear them.

Here is a Quick Way to Plan Fun Parties for Adults

Once you have your theme mine was coffee (Folgers of course), cupcakes, and cameras, then you create an invitation. I cheated and did a quick one on Facebook. I listed the date, time, and requirements which were minimal. You never want to ask your guest to do much. They need a break so do not add anything to their list. I asked mine to bring their camera if they had one and if not they could play with mine.

Camera party

Set a purpose for your party so it provides an excuse for them to come. Yes, honey I am going to learn how to take pictures, so I will be able to get the best shots of the children for years to come.

Next, buy some food. I kept my list short because I also didn’t want to add to my huge list of things to accomplish in one day.

I bought:

Folgers coffee
Water bottles



This is what the house looked like once I was done decorating.

Adult party decorations

This is what happened at the party.

We had a great time spending time together. We learned how to use our cameras and how to use other people’s cameras. We tried out different lighting options and different settings on our cameras. We had a really great time drinking Folgers and eating.


We enjoyed the down time, and we all left knowing more than when we came.

These are some of the photographs taken.

The best part of this party was the memories we made. It is nice to learn something new, to meet new friends, and enjoy the old ones. It is fun to get out and be yourself. It is wonderful to enjoy a cup of Folgers as your soul fills back up again so you can give all you have since tomorrow is another day.

Coffee party ideas for adults

Real Advice Gal quote I love “It is not what we have in life that matters. It is who we have in our life that matters”

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