How to participate in a Twitter Party

How to participate in a Twitter Party



Today, we are going to be a part of a really fun Twitter Party and we have had some people asking what exactly is a twitter party, and how to participate in a Twitter Party! Ok let’s start with what a Twitter Party is…..

Twitter Party is a virtual party that is held on Twitter! You follow the Host of the party and they tell you what kind of prizes are being offered, and give you fun questions to answer, and some facts on the company they are representing!  Each Twitter party has their own Hashtag (#) that you use to follow the fun! So now that you have a basic understanding on what a Twitter party is, lets talk about how to participate in a twitter party shall we? 

Here is how to participate in a Twitter party:

  • Sign up for a Twitter Account! If you haven’t already, you will need to sign up for a twitter account so you can join in on the action. You should also follow us, because we are awesome!
  • Find the Party Hashtag! All twitter parties will have a custom Hashtag, so you will want to find it so you can follow along. An easy way to do this is to visit a website like TweetDeck which will help you follow your hosts and hashtags easily. (See photo below) You could also follow the Hashtag on twitter, but hang on because the party will go by fast and it might be hard to keep up with it!


  •  Follow your hosts on Twitter! Once you find your Hashtag you will want to find your hosts of the party. (Don’t worry, they will announce who it is) These will be the people asking the questions for you to answer, and giving out prizes!
  • Be Involved! If you want to win, you have to be active in the conversations! Answer the questions asked, give your opinion on fun facts about the company being represented, and retweet your hosts tweets so others can join in on the fun!
  • Have FUN! Your first few twitter parties can be overwhelming and hard to keep up with, but hang in there! You will get it I promise! So just make sure to relax and have some fun. Winning prizes is great, but even if you don’t, hanging out with friends and learning some new things is fun as well right!?

Now you are ready to attend your first twitter party! Have any other twitter party tips? Leave them in the comments below!

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