October 2, 2016

Things you should never say


I am never doing this again. That is what he said. I asked what is he never going to do again? He replied watch the kids and work. I chuckled. It is called parenting. I have owned my own business for years but before that I worked virtually, and I had to run the house and take care of the kids while working with huge clients. I managed, and I did it. He can’t. I thought to myself what is the difference is it that only women can multitask?

If you think so, reply yes and tell me your favorite story. I love to hear from you!

Or is it he just can’t say “no.” I am learning that I am really good and making a schedule and sticking to it. Is that the answer to why I had three kids at home while I worked for someone else and I got everything done or is it the multi-task thing?

Do I just want it more the whole “super mom,” wife, and business owner? I will admit it doesn’t always look pretty. You know the time I sent my kid to school in the same outfit he wore the day before or the time my daughter packed her lunch, and it contained cereal and cookies. We all have those days where it doesn’t work out. The days we wish we could take them back, but then I remember life isn’t perfect. Life is about giving it your best effort. Yes, your best is good enough!

Hit reply and confirm you are giving it your best effort and you know you are good enough!

Oh, for the people who asked how I learned to blog and work from home there is a class that I suggest you take it isn’t available now, but I would sign up for the email, so they let you know when it is available. Yes, I make more than I did teaching. Yes, it is hard work but knowing social media will help in every business. It is the perfect job for balancing needing an income and wanting to be involved in your children’s life.

Until next week,

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