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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Pampers but all opinions expressed here are mine.

Breathe, breathe, breathe they say bring the air in fully. Let it fill your lungs. Then release slowly. Slower, slower, slower, let it all out as your lungs deflate.

The room is filled with people in starched whites and crumbled blue. You are happy, scared, nervous, you have never been so afraid in your life. He grips your hand tighter. You go back to breathing trying to find the melodic rhythm you once had. You purposely run over it in your mind, then inhale in and then out and repeat.

He catches your eye. You look at him and wonder does he know what to do? Will you ever know what to do? Will what you chose to do turn out right?

What is right?

You go left and roll slightly. The people in the blue and white tell you it is time. Time! It can’t be “time”! You haven’t figured it all out yet. You haven’t read the last chapter of the parenting book. What if the last chapter has everything you need to know? Breathe they say. Breathe as if it is that easy.

I say everything about parenting leaves you breathless.

The first time you look at your baby fills your eyes with tears, and your heart beats stronger than an army on a mission. You hold your breath as you gather your baby in your arms and pull them close. You search their eyes for the answer.

You lose your breath when your husband holds the baby for the first time, and you see him as a father. You draw your breath as you lay them in their crib on the first night and each night after that. You say a tiny prayer to keep them safe as you watch their lungs rise and fall.

You wish them forever.

You struggle to remember how to put on their first Pampers while they squirm or before they realize they are naked. You sometimes aren’t quick enough, and sometimes you are so tired you forget the wash cloth, and your son sprinkle reminds you of your error. You kiss their bellies and try to drink in every noise and each sweet smell as you remind yourself to breathe.

You fall in love over and over and each time deeper than the last. You hardly remember a time when every breath you had wasn’t labored and careless.

You think to yourself that it is my job to provide, to love, to teach, to remind, to recover, to read to, to feed, clothe, keep healthy, educate, indoctrinate with positivity.

It is your job to embrace, to guide, and to love them through it.

You will go through more diapers than you can count. You will learn to change your baby with lightening fast speed. You will learn to hold them with one hand as you manipulate the soft diaper around their always mobile tush.

You will think about how much money you spend. You will think of ways to save for bigger things and better things.

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Do you have kids that are still using diapers? Earn rewards and collect gifts with Pampers Rewards App.

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