January 25, 2013

Paid Intern

paid intern

Paid Intern

It was to long ago that I announced I was looking for a paid intern. I partnered with Blue Kangaroo to find the best paid intern I could. I was hopeful that I would have at least three people enter to win the first, second, and third prize. I was flabbergasted to see that hundreds of people entered. Wow! I was so honored that you all wanted to work with me. The paid intern will be responsible for picking out the best deals for you. I also was looking for someone that could bring something special to my site. I wanted someone you could identify and learn from. I believe that we all have so much we can learn from one another so I needed someone that I felt could inspire you. I was delighted by the people I had the pleasure to interview. I am sure you will love my new intern and the other ladies that I hope to make part of my team in different roles.

I just completed my interviews. There was/is a big problem. I really couldn’t decide each person had so much to offer. I am hoping that I can find room for all of them on my team in some way. I do have to have a winner. The Winner of the paid internship is…

Paid Intern

Rachel who will receive $200 a month for three months

The best deal picker is Katrina  she wins $150 and an hour of my time to help her take her company to the next level

The third place winner is Christine and she will receive $75 and 30 minutes of my time

I intend to hire Pam to write some articles for me and press releases in the future.

I have also agreed to help Cinny by giving her some of my time to help her business grow.

I would like to thank Blue Kangaroo for the opportunity to partner with you on this promotion and future business arrangements. I look forward to bringing my fans more great deals using Blue Kangaroo technology.

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