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Mom’s Don’t Get Sick Days! Ten signs you know mom is sick!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TeaProudly #CollectiveBias We are sharing a little humor to help you know when mom is sick so you can make her some tea. 

When daddy gets sick, who takes care of him? Momma. When the kids get sick, who takes care of them? Momma. When momma is sick, who takes care of momma? Yep, that’s right. Momma! Since mom is always busy taking care of everyone, just how do you know when mom is sick?

Ten signs you know mom is sick


Ten signs you know mom is sick

  1. You can smell the children before you see them
  2. There is dog pee on the floor
  3. All of the whites are a pretty shade of pink
  4. The kids have built a fort out of empty pizza boxes
  5. There is not a clean spoon in the house
  6. There is bubble gum in the baby’s hair
  7. The refrigerator looks like the grocery store shelves when a big store storm is coming
  8. Not a tooth has been brushed or a head of hair combed in days
  9. The mailbox is overflowing
  10. The dust bunnies have all been given names and are now pets


Mom’s Cold and Flu Season Emergency Kit

Chances are when mom is sick, she still has to take care of everyone and everything else while attempting to take care of herself. Moms don’t get sick days. That is why every family needs a Mom’s Cold and Flu Season Emergency Kit. In the kit is everything mom needs to start feeling better if she does get sick.

Mom's sick emergency kit has everything mom needs to take care of herself when she gets sick

Items to put in the kit include:

  • tissues
  • chapstick
  • lotion
  • vitamin c
  • eye mask
  • Bigelow Tea
  • honey

Bigelow tea is the perfect cup to soothe and relax a sick mom

When mom is sick she needs the warmth and comfort of hot cup of tea. Tea promotes relaxation, warms the body, and soothes the throat.  So the most important thing in the emergency kit is Bigelow Tea. Make sure it is Bigelow Tea so mom can tea proudly knowing that Bigelow Tea is made with quality ingredients and is always fresh.

When mom is sick she loves to warm up and relax with a cup of Bigelow Tea

My favorite Bigelow Teas for cold and flu season are Green Tea with Lemon, Lemon Ginger, and

When mom is sick she loves to warm up and relax with a cup of I Love Lemon Bigelow Tea

I found all these varieties at Walmart, along with the other supplies for the kit. When I am sick, I love the lemon varieties with honey. The Orange and Spice is a favorite too!

You can find Bigelow Tea at Walmart

Take care of Mom when she is sick

Here is a little unsolicited advice, make sure you always take care of mom when she is sick. (Psst: Moms share this post with your husbands and older kiddos.) Get Mom’s Sick Emergency Kit and make her a cup of Bigelow Tea with honey to soothe and comfort her. She also needs peace and quiet, hugs and snuggles.

10 signs you know that mom is sick

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Help As You Manage Depression with the Moodivator App

“This post was developed in partnership with Pfizer as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.”

Depression is very real and if you think that it could not happen to you or someone you love then you are very wrong. Millions of people suffer from depression. Life is hard, and it can suck at times! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. But to assist you along the way I recommend that you download the Moodivator app to help you as you manage depression.

Moodivator AppContinue reading

Best Holiday Gifts for the Functional Fashionistas

I used to think I was too practical to be concerned with fashion. I never pictured myself as a girly girl. It felt like sacrifice, like I had to give up comfort and reason to be girly. It just seemed too complicated and overwhelming. I wanted the things I wore or carried with me to have a purpose beyond just to look good, if an accessory was just that then I was happy to leave it at home or to never own it at all.

People change. I am now a self professed girly-girly, fashionista, lover of all things that make me feel pretty. But some things have stayed the same. I still remain practical and love when functionality and fashion combine in the ultimate must have accessory or clothing item.

the best gifts for the functional fashionista

I am sure I am not alone in my love for functional fashion. I am sharing my favorite fashion finds for the functional fashionista. If you are looking for gifts for the women in your life, I am confident they will love one of the items listed below.



An infinity nursing scarf is the perfect gift for breastfeeding moms who want to nurse their babies discreetly with style.


Infinity Nursing Scarf

This is the holy grail of functional fashion. The infinity nursing scarf is not only a great looking scarf, it is a breastfeeding cover for nursing moms. It can be worn as a shawl or a head covering. You can even use it to swaddle baby or as a car seat canopy. Trust me any moms on your list will love unwrapping an Udder Wraps Infinity Nursing Scarf this holiday season.

An Infinity Nursing Scarf is the perfect baby shower gift

Hair Tie Bracelets are the perfect gift for the fashionable ladies in your life who have long hair

Hair Tie Bracelet

Maybe you are asking what is a hair tie bracelet? It is ingenious that is what it is. I have long hair and often find myself grabbing a hair tie and wearing it on my wrist. Soon though the hair tie is annoying me because it is irritating my skin. So I take it off my wrist and toss it in my purse where it gets lost in the abyss. I also hate the way hair ties look on my arm. Hair tie bracelets are the perfect way to keep your hair tie handy and look your wrists looking good.Perfect for the health concious functional fashionista, the Amazefit will make her happy this year


Can I tell you a secret? I think Fitbits are ugly. I also think they are uncomfortable. Maybe I am overly picky but I don’t like the way my rubber banded Fit Bit feels on my wrist. Fortunately, I found the perfect answer for fit conscious fashionistas. It is called an Amazefit and it tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep. The Amazefit Moonbeam Activity and Sleep Tracker is the perfect gift for the functional fashionista who is would rather not wear a less than attractive Fit Bit.

These Hugger Mugger Batik Yoga Mat bags are just adorable and would make my inner yogi so happy.

Yoga Mat Bag

I have wanted a bag for my yoga mat for so long. It is just one of those things that I don;t want to spend money on for myself but would LOVE if someone would get me one as a gift. These Hugger Mugger Batik Yoga Mat bags are just adorable and would make my inner yogi so happy.

Undercover Waterwear is the perfect gift for the traveling fashionista on your holiday shopping list.

Undercover Waterwear

Traveling fashionistas need clothing that is both fashionable and functional. When visiting the Philippines recently, I had to figure out how to dress for multiple activities in one day. I needed to be able to go from fancy lunch at a chic restaurant to a 45 minute boat ride in an underwater cave back to a business casual dinner. I needed an outfit that was appropriate for dining in fancy restaraunts and for getting soaked on a boat. Impossible? Nope. Undercover Waterwear makes clothing that is resort wear that functions as a fashionable dress but can also get wet. It dries quickly and no one will know you are wearing swimwear.

This Undercover Waterwear dress is a perfect outfit to take you from resort casual attire meetings and lunches to water activities without ever needing to change

Gift giving doesn’t have to be complicated but I know sometimes I get stumped by some of the people on my list. I hope my ideas for the perfect gifts for functional fashionistas help you get your shopping done and spread some holiday cheer under your Christmas tree this year.

10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine

Cleanse, tone and moisturize that’s the skincare routine that most of us grew up to and that’s what I did until two years ago.  When it comes to skin care, I can say that I’ve always been diligent. As early as 14 years old, my mom got me my first skin care kit with facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. She nagged me every day to use them, or else I will regret it when I get older when dark spots and wrinkles start to appear, and of course, I was scared so even though moisturizer at that time felt oily I still followed her instructions.

10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine is a great way to totally revamp your beauty routine!  Look no further than our own resident skin care expert!

I believed her because growing up I saw my mom lather cold cream on her face every night and until now she has the softest skin I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately for me, I did not get that soft skin gene, but I can say that her nagging for me to do my daily skin care seemed to work well because I grew up without any major skin issues. But then two years ago something changed, my skin just can’t take any skincare product. Any product even facial wash makes my skin super red and itchy, I thought I was just allergic to the product I used, so I went to buy other brands that are hypoallergenic and even tried baby products, but still my skin still got itchy and red, and worst I even had skin asthma. I was so frustrated at that time; then my dermatologist told me to try Korean skin care, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Korean Skin Care routine

10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine

If you are not familiar with Korean skin care products, I can say that you’re missing a lot. Korean skin care products have been considered as one of the most advanced in the world. For them, skin care is a serious business and a lifestyle. They have a product for almost all skin care concerns that you have, and they have tons of brands to choose from. If you know Koreans, one thing that you’ll notice is most of them have this beautiful and poreless skin. Of course, their DNA is responsible for that and their diet as well but ask Korean women and some men too, and you’ll discover that most of them are serious in taking care of their skin. That they use lots of products and they religiously use them daily.

The 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine has been gaining raves worldwide. Even Amazon now has their own page for Korean Beauty products, you can also get some at Target, Walmart or even Sephora. Korean skincare products are very effective and as a matter of fact, this skincare routine saved my skin. In just a month after I started my Korean skincare regimen, my skin asthma cleared up and what I love most is that with these Korean products I never got itchy or redness. I think the key here is this skincare routine focuses on hydrating the skin to make it look and feel healthy. Which is very smart! After a few months of doing it, I noticed that my skin had this glow and dewy look which I never had during the time I used my old skincare products. I became confident in my skin that I no longer have to rely on a lot of makeup to cover it. So while I’m still planning my future trip to South Korea to hoard their products and immersed in their culture, I want to share with you the Korean skin care regimen steps.

10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine

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November 24, 2016

Save Big at Black Friday Sale

My first stop for Black Friday deals this year is!  It’s Thanksgiving Day and I’ve started my Black Friday shopping.  Once again, the Black Friday deals are the best you’ll find all year.  This year I decided to reward myself first.  Among all the deals I’ve scoped out for Black Friday, one of them is something for me from!


dawgs logo

The Key to a Great Wardrobe

What’s your “go to” wardrobe item?  I’d have to say my answer to that question is any pieces which can be layered.  Tees and camis under cardigans will never go out of style, these are the must have in your wardrobe all year round.

This year,’s Black Friday deals rank at the top of my list.  I just can’t pass them up.  The reason I can’t pass them up is because there are very few things which get me more excited than finding a great buy on basic wardrobe items.

At long last, my ratty “old lady” sweaters and my beat up and worn out boots will be a thing of the past.  I’m replacing a few of my sweaters with two new Agiato Cascade and Drape Cardigans in my favorite go-to black.  Finally, after almost ten years, my old boots will hit the curb and be replaced with a brand new pair of silvery gray DAWGS 9-inch microfiber boots.

Black Friday DAWGS boots Black Friday DAWGS sweaters

Years ago, I worked in big city offices which required me to wear dresses, suit, and high heels.  If you fast forward to today, you’ll notice that is no longer the case.  Our family’s move to a smaller, less cosmopolitan area has allowed me to focus my wardrobe around more comfortable, functional, and many times, fun pieces.  What’s my favorite look?  It has to be a comfortable black pants and a t-shirt or camisole topped off with a cardigan or jacket.  I love to layer a variety of versatile pieces.  As you can tell from my personal choices, women’s boots and apparel top my list of favorites!

Black Friday 60% OFF Discount and FREE Shipping

Here’s where comes in.  This Black Friday, is offering our readers an exclusive 60% discount site wide and a FREE SHIPPING by using DAWGS coupon code SB60.  It’s easy to take advantage of this special offer.  Simply follow this link and fill your cart with items for everyone on your holiday list.  You’ll quickly find something for everyone on your list.  Finally, whether it be shoes or boots for toddlers, kids, men, and women or apparel for both men and women, has it all.  In the end, no matter what you are looking for, you’re sure to score a great deal.

DIY Beauty Tips

DIY Beauty Tips


DIY Beauty Tips

TGIF! Welcome to another wonderful Friday! This week for our Fashion Friday post, we are bringing you some of the best DIY Beauty Tips that you can do right at home, for very little money! Making some of your own beauty products at home not only saves you money, but it also ensures that you know what any and all ingredients are, and you can also make a great gift for a friend! Here at Madame Deals we are all about the DIY life, so I’ve rounded up some of our favorite DIY Beauty Tips and put them all in one place for you! Continue reading

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