Your Kid is Obese and it is Your Fault

Your Kid is Obese and it is Your Fault

child obesity

I can’t say you will enjoy reading this post. I am also sure I will get hate mail by the hundreds. I am just being honest. We have a duty as a parent to do what is best for our children. If your child is obese  you are failing. You are not teaching them to make healthy choices. You may not even be providing them with the opportunity to make healthy choices. I am judging. I am concerned. I should be. I am worried that your child will have these habits forever. I am frankly worried that America is getting fatter and fatter and the quality of life people enjoy will soon be replaced by diseases and health conditions due to weight and inactivity.

It is fine to be heavy yourself. I mean you are an adult. It is not okay to allow your child to be obese. I opened this debate within my writing team. I was told I was shaming the parents. I sure am; they deserve to be ashamed. It is our job to do what we can for our children because that is our role,  to provide our children with the best life possible. I truly believe having a child that is active and makes responsible decisions when eating is a skill that parent teaches. You teach this as a role model, you teach this as the food purchaser, cook, and the person who educates your child about health.

I was told kids are obese because of the school. How? Does the school make them eat the wrong food in the wrong quantity? The school provides balanced meals. The school provides breakfast and lunch to children that can’t afford it and to those that can. How about you say no to the ice cream treat after lunch or if your child gets stuff that they shouldn’t then why not pack them a lunch. The school provides recess, health class, and physical education. The school does more “parenting” than it should.

I was told some people are born that way. I have never seen a “heavy” baby that could barely breathe because moving was a struggle. I have however seen parents who give their child food as a reward. Parents who have more junk in the house than healthy food. I have seen kids with soda instead of water. I have seen doughnuts before school instead of fruit, dairy, grains. I have seen five cookies being given to a child when the serving size is two. Yes, genetics plays a role in how what you eat impacts you, but it isn’t a reason to be unhealthy.

I was told it is cheaper to buy crap. I am calling “food” crap if it doesn’t contain ingredients that I can pronounce or find in the aisles of a supermarket, meaning things that are “altered”. I was told it is cheaper to buy “crap” than it is to buy healthy food. Well, chips cost $1.00- $3.99, I can buy carrots for $1.00. We have to think long term here not just the right now. I also wonder and correct me if I am wrong why aren’t we spending more money on what we put in our bodies over the cable that comes through our TVs or the car we drive or the house we live in. Have any of you  heard of growing food? It is possible and cheaper. The cost argument is bull and you know it. Cost can be measured over time. If you feed your child “crap” it will cost them their health in the end.

This a fact, a kid that lives on junk will not perform as well in school or sports than a kid that has a healthy balanced diet. That is why teachers ask you to feed your child a well balanced meal before testing. It is true put “crap” in get “crap” out. We need to teach our children portion control and healthy choices.

Do you make them? What would happen if you made better choices? Would it impact your children? The answer is you are your child’s first teacher and the best teacher and you deserve to be healthy.

I was told kids do not exercise. I agree. The question is why? I was told parents ask them to stay inside because they are working. The response I have is to take them out on the weekend. How about signing them up for sports and organizing a carpool. I had a single mother who worked and we were active. How about a ten minute walk in your neighborhood. That is ten minutes of quality time not only exercising with your child but talking and showing them you care. You can figure something out. If you decide to make it happen, it will happen. I was told we eat  fast food. Well, folks you drive them there. You pay for it. You make the choice to feed your child that. How about meal planning?  I can make a meal that is healthy for five for under $10. I have several that I make and then freeze and throw them in the crockpot. In fact you can throw a chicken in the crockpot and the last 30 minutes put green beans on top. It is healthy and awesome. How about if you have to eat fast food, you do not super size it? I was told a salad is more expensive than a hamburger. Yes, the up front cost is more but in the long run it is cheaper. The point is a hamburger here and there at a fast food joint is fine. The hamburger and the fries for lunch that go with fried food for dinner and the doughnut for breakfast makes you one big pile of crap. You are what you eat right?

I recently got a bike so I could go on bike trips with my kids.You can see my fab review of my Schwinn Bike. No, I haven’t ridden a bike in 20 years so I figured what the heck I can do this. You can too.  You need to be a part of the solution. Excuses are for “losers”. Have you ever heard a winner make excuses. They just work harder. I learned that at the gym. I have been going 3-5 days a week for almost a year. I put on ten pounds and I feel awesome. Yes, you can be underweight and unhealthy. Muscles rule! Well, even better than that I can keep up with my kids! I feel great and my kids see me exercising. I am modeling healthy choices. I am showing them how important it is to be good to yourself. Why not exercise with them? How about getting them involved in sports? How about having food in the house that is healthy. How about making meals that will give them energy? How about we be honest and accept responsibility. If your child is obese then you need to  help them make the change that will impact their life. I am concerned over what I am looking at the beach this weekend. This is something we as parents need to take ownership of and try to resolve. We need to work on our food choice, portion control, and exercise. These necessities begin at home. It is your job to help your child by buying the right food and helping them make healthy lifestyle choices. The excuses need to end here.


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