March 29, 2012

No Stove, No Oven … What’s a Girl to Do?

Our electric range died this week.  Well, it didn’t exactly die, it just decided it wasn’t going to work any more.  The appliance repair guy came out and determined we needed a $37 control board, which would ultimately cost $200 to install.  Well, he came by with the control board today and decided it was the wrong board.  Now we need a control board for $400 which might fix the problem.  It doesn’t look like we’ll be repairing this appliance.  Time for a new one.  The bad news is the owner of the used appliance shop I met a few months ago has gone out of business.  So until we come up with the $$$ for a new stove or find another used appliance shop, we’re resorting to the microwave, crockpot, electric griddle, outside grill and George Foreman grill to prepare our meals.

My quandry is this:  Aside from eating out, we need to come up with meals which can be made without the use of the range for the immediate future.  So far, we’ve grilled steaks, hot dogs and sausage.  We’ve nuked potatoes.  We’ve had crockpot chicken with microwaved instant rice.  We’re using the hot water from our water dispenser to make sweet tea.  As long as the weather cooperates (and we have propane), hubby can grill an infinite number of main dishes.

Help us out here … any suggestions for stoveless/ovenless meals would be greatly appreciated.  I refuse to eat out more often in the interim.

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