November 11, 2013

New Games for Family Game Night Fun

Take Family Game Night to the Next Level

Family Game Night 1

Find out about these fun new games by Hasbro and freshen up your Family Game Night. These games were kid tested and approved.

Family Game Night can get competitive in a friendly way with my family. This includes grandma and grandpa getting in on the fun. I recently received a box of games from Hasbro with some games that we had never played before. This was great because we were all getting together for my son’s birthday and we decided to bring them along. There would be no sitting in front of the television at this celebration. The games we received and brought with us were Electronic Catch Phrase, Draw Something Party, Funny or Die and Taboo.

Family Game Night 2

The Birthday Boy was given first pick of which game to play and he picked Funny or Die. This game was new to all of us so after a brief review of game rules and then a not so brief instruction session we were ready to begin. Have you ever tried to give instructions to a group of people hopped on birthday cake and ice cream? It is not an easy thing to do.

 We played thru the whole game and within a few rounds everyone had the hang of it. However some were better “gamers” than others. Our winners tied and received a golden crown to wear. Although this is not an essential part of Family Game Night. I do find that a little competition can be fun and everyone was vying for the “Crown”.

I would even suggest a special seat, hand made certificate or even a random household object to be given to the winner. There is something about having a prize to win that really puts every one in the spirit.

Even though we were full from cake and ice cream. we enjoyed Cheetos new Simply Puffed Corn which was also sent.

Bring these These Family Game Night Games home to your family.

Family Game Night  3

Draw Something Party

Electronic Catch Phrase

Funny or Die


 Do you have a favorite game you like to play on family night? Let us know what games we should try in the comment section below.

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