September 15, 2010

Mussels Recipe

How to cook mussels

What’s for dinners has become the most dreaded question after my crazy day balancing a newborn and a job. It is the first question our five year old asks and our almost two year old repeats when I pick them up from school. It is the question that I attempt to answer once a week with something different. I really try to make one new meal each week to keep it interesting. I decided I would learn how to cook mussels.

I have to make dinners that are quick and it has to be cheap and easy. They have to be healthy as well.

This week we made mussels. They are about $5.00 a bag at the seafood counter.

They are so easy to cook.

How to Cook Mussels

I just  throw them in a pot of boiling water.

Make sure the water is just covering the mussels.

Then I put in a dash of  fresh garlic and a cup of cooking wine or real wine. You can also use the recipe below for fresh homemade pesto.

When they are done the shells open.

We pair them with Spaghetti and a marinara sauce or the pesto. ( I cheat here and grab what I got on sale) You can also make your own marinara sauce.

You could also make your own wine and garlic sauce. In a sauce pan put a cup of  white wine in the pan with some garlic and a tablespoon of corn starch stir frequently. Then I throw on something green to make it look fancy usually basil. You can also use the wonderful recipe we have for pesto with basil. How about serving this with our pull apart cheesy garlic bread.

If you do not know how to make homemade pesto with basil we have the recipe for you.

It freezes well and it is perfect for dishes like this one.

Make a garden salad and Garlic beard and yummy!

Now you know how to cook mussels

What do you make for dinner when you are in a hurry?

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