February 4, 2013

Moving From A Crib to Bed

Moving from Crib to Bed

crib to bed

I woke up one day and thought it is time to move my child from Crib to Bed. We are potty training and he couldn’t very well climb out of the crib to go potty. I also think it was more of me wanting him to be in the crib then him actually being ready to leave the crib and go into a big boy bed.  You see a child experiences a number of transitions during the first couple of years – i.e., going from formula to solid food, from goo goo to da da, from crawling to walking. One trait these transitions share is the lack of a set timeframe when they occur. Each child develops at his/her own pace. Transitioning a child from a crib to a  bed is no exception. There may not be a set time to move a child from a crib, but there are guidelines established by experts to help parents determine when, and how, to begin the transition.

When to move a child from Crib to Bed

Do not rush a child into a toddler bed; a child will not experience any developmental issues by waiting. If a child is sleeping comfortably in the crib, let sleeping babies lie. However, if the child begins escaping from the crib, asks for a “big kid” bed, or in my case a “big boy bed”  or is potty trained and needs to be able to use the bathroom during the night, than it’s time to consider a toddler bed.

The most important aspect of this transition is safety. A toddler bed does not have the containment that a crib offers, so parents need to be extra vigilant in setting up perimeters of safety. There should be clear rules set from the beginning. These rules may include, stay in bed except to use the bathroom, don’t go into the kitchen, and wake mommy or daddy when you get up. Childproof barriers may be needed, especially at the top of the stairs. You also need to pick out the proper Crib to Bed sheets and comforters.

Lower to the floor than a standard twin bed, a toddler bed is a safe steppingstone. Many cribs convert into toddler beds, which may make the transition even easier. Removable side rails prevent falls from the bed. Install nightlights in the bedroom, hallway, and bathroom to help your child navigate in the dark.

Keep the transition from crib to toddler bed as stress free as possible for the child. Make it a big deal. After all, it’s one of the first milestones of growing up. Maintain the bedtime routine as if nothing has really changed. Every child experiences transition differently. Some may adjust after a couple of nights. It may take others a couple of months. Just take things slow. We did our transition in just one day he was so excited that it was easy. The hard part is getting him to stay in the bed at nap time. If you need help picking out new bedding and you need to know the proper sizes I created a bed and mattress size chart.

How did your transition from crib to bed go?

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