August 18, 2014

Motivation to Get Fit: Why Being Skinny Isn’t Good Enough

Motivation to Get Fit

Why Being Skinny Isn’t Good Enough

Motivation to Get Fit

We all struggle at times or daily with our weight, self image, and possibly health. I thought everything my weight was fine. That was until I looked at a picture and realized I was  skinny. I mean how could one be too skinny in today’s society? Well, I looked at my picture and realized that my lifestyle and healthy eating had taken off any weight I had. I only had two choices eat food that put on weight or go work out.

I decided to work out. I started working out about eight months ago. I put on ten pounds on purpose. I made sure to take any class at the gym that was offered at 9:00 since that was a time I could attend everyday. I didn’t let the names of the classes scare me off, because I knew I could do one of the three options the instructor provided and sometimes that was just walking in place. I walked in place a lot the first couple weeks. I mean they could have just called the class walking in place class because I spent a lot of time doing that. I decided actively trying was better than being at home watching people on TV exercising. I did try that method. I turned on fitness shows and participated for a minute or two until I got a Facebook alert.  I currently go to the gym 4 days a week  because I need someone to motivate me and it has really changed the shape of my body which has also been an interesting transition since apparently having leg muscles makes it harder to find jeans that fit. I recently gave away several pairs that no longer fit.

I would rather have my new legs than old jeans anyway. Working out  has also allowed me to be able to keep up with my kids which was so important to me. I have a sedentary job so training my body to be able to exercise for 60 minutes wasn’t easy. It was well worth it. I gave myself the string bikini challenge as my motivation to get fit. I decided by the end of the summer I would be in awesome shape and wear a string bikini. I believe I was given a string bikini at a conference. I took the thing and I put it on and was amazed at all the areas that squeezed out. I was “skinny” but I didn’t have any muscle tone of anything so when I put on the string bikini it wasn’t pretty. I did however meet my goal after numerous Pilates, 20/20/20 classes, body pump, body blitz and core, Zumba,  cross trainer time, and fitness classes.

String bikini

I exercise daily because I feel better. It helps me start my day and give me the burst of energy I need. It helps me make healthy meal choices because I do not want to ruin the work I put in at the gym. I do however have a treat everyday because I have a huge sweet tooth, but all in all I try to make healthy meals and snack choices. I am challenging you to take some time to focus on you.

I am offering you the 30 day at home plan that I used a couple of months ago. It isn’t easy. It was worth it! Yes, you can break the exercises down and do them through the day. I challenge you to complete each day anyway you can. If you have to break up the 50 squats into groups of 10 go for it. Just get them done and then the next day try 12 in a row. I challenge you to improve on what you have done each day. We will be gathering on social media to inspire one another. This isn’t an easy challenge for me but I believe that taking the time to work out is an important part of my life now, I hope that you include it in your daily routine.  I encourage you to set a goal. That goal can simply be to get the challenge done daily. I suggest putting it on your phone or following our Facebook page  and looking for the image of the challenge to add your two cents.. I mean you can do this! You can put your mind and body to accomplish any goal you chose, the only thing stopping you is you! Well, that was yesterday today you are a no excuse, powerful person, who wants to make a change. Let’s get this party started!

Motivation to Get Fit

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 What is your Motivation to Get Fit? Share it with me below.

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